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1-10 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jan 10, 2017|

Sandy takes more calls, one of which has an interesting diddy from a listener.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Stagger a vision nobody tonight at nine right here on news radio and I'm thirty the president will travel to Chicago. Which is his hometown and give his farewell address I could not be happier I cannot I cannot contain my lead. One can only hope that. That before he is a replaced by. I'm Donald Trump president elect he doesn't let all the prisoners on jail. Maybe he's got another shot. A left in them so let me even more prisoners out of jail. One of our tax says let's just hope they don't steal anything on the way out. That's a that's a reference to the clintons when the clintons left office that took furniture would them. And but. It wasn't there as they're written on it they just talk. And so they had to bring it back can you imagine the humiliation. A being a former. The president and First Lady having to return furniture that they that they. Talk and talks stall and pay for it as. I have Billy's eyes and yeah exactly so that's a reference that I know I I think VO Mamas and pick up their own furniture I'm sure they'll be fine without but I'm just glad. That he is leaving and I'd like your farewell express meanwhile regarding Meryl Streep you know Merrill. I like deal as a as a media performer very good is no sense and denying that. Just is extra eyes and as a performer I don't have to like your politics but you're basically dishonest. In and you are a speech at the Golden Globes because you left one war record out a or that change is everything. And the word is illegal. When she was going down the laundry list of if we didn't let this group in the country at Bagram a country. First she's at all have left is that MMA and football. Believe me Merle load via a lot of people will be glad to keep football and am remained Garrity you. But that's another story shoes a worthwhile artist she's I think she's one numerous numerous award is nonsense and denying that. But by leaking the ordeal the legal now she's being dishonest. Totally dishonest because she puts the order legal and she loses her allies. Because then she is promoting illegal activity. And the of the legalities came from a congress went to a president. Signed by a president that's the way we do things in this country allegedly. I'd and so she wouldn't have the complaint she has as if she leaves the word illegal now Tony give me a couple of them all the. Or you're gonna like this one I'd go to Bobby says thanks for eight years of low gas prices thanks for bringing value back to my home thanks for getting us out. Of the terrible recession caused by greedy politicians okay. And thank you Bobby for allowing a little humor to get on the show Donnie is to is cherry picking somebody's just because there aren't a lot of the easily get some. But we got a lot of them and that's the reason when when your screen and there we ask you basically what you're gonna say not though not Asencio not at all it's to balance the show because occasionally we'll get subjects that. We don't get many calls on the other side of the subject. And so have we do get something all right today as a class and and those so we can balance it out and that's what Tony's going. Tony is that it is is timing is turning the knife in between the rebels. Big time as well this is another Bobby and it's gonna continue. Thank you President Obama you will be missed the new president elect is dividing the people a bucket is a laughingstock. The president's dividing the people all I love this. That's as Jacqui thank you for posting that Jackie is. As my idea is my pet nickname for Shaquille grain of course who is the definitive Vegas comedian thank you guys I enjoyed that. So where are going to be divided. Because of from and of course we were so together would Obama. GIA. I hate to lose that in on talking about. Let's go to Tom in Boston time there on WB again. Your candidate. Pleasure to hear here. Childers Roy. Well I think you've done what Jeff Morris. Well now that Obama would go aren't easy mistake about it solid city in the bridge loan that India had been damaged in one sentence you about or are. Went six years later. Six years after parliament he says brought up well they're playing and then made gains and organized stealing all been so you'd be. And hundreds of millions there be ashamed of themselves they did it take it Capel arguments yield which is why. Well I'm telling you. People that are against an agenda world go to billions of the earth to find some thing that they can quote. That little look unfavorable so it doesn't surprise me Carl's big boy he can handle himself and has in the past thank you thank you very much. Also yesterday the farewell address give me yours Merrill Streep. Bigamy your opinion overtake keep in mind. She was quivering when she was delivery and she's an actress she may have legitimately felt as they should affected. What I am saying is she's a performer. And she was performing. But to me to be honest would you. A especially Hollywood. They live a fantasy life. They live in gated communities. There's all kinds of armed security around the if you bumped into a minister of market they might say hello maybe they'll just signal your own house. And made millions and millions of dollars. For what they do but they don't understand why anybody else in business should be making millions of dollars and put them down now. They today here's the life they lead. They going to work in the morning somebody probably drives them there. They sit in a maker of chairs somebody puts on their makeup. They sit and another chair somebody does there hair. They go to someplace else and they put on a costume made by somebody else. And they go to a stage this lit by technicians. They go to was staged its led by some people okay. Then a men they have memorized. Words that somebody else wrote. And then they look at the camera or look where they're supposed to look. Miles somebody else's words underneath somebody else's hair with somebody else's makeup. And read words that they didn't even think of OK may be good at it. But don't give me this crap about how all Mo and you are. All I mean you probably couldn't do any of the jobs necessary to get you on camera. But that's fine you're very good at it now pay my money and and watch movies in the future when I'm saying is. He got to be a little hypocritical. To think that you have all the original thoughts in the world. When you're living in such a fantasy world yourself will be back after this. It is it's refreshing. Even though there they're still believe thing. There's though winning and whining because they lost the election is still refreshing to see the process began to get the cabinet members seated. That's very good presume the president will take the oath of office. Antonio when he takes the growth will know that what do you like him or not he means what he's saying. He's going to dry and doing as best he can now he may find some things that. Are not doable after you get into office but. At least we go we got a better feeling about this guy that he is not just another example of what we just spent eight years on. So I'm very very pleased and I would like your farewell message to him as he is going to give his there Rome while message to you tonight. On WBM and 9 o'clock from Chicago. Let's code to Joseph in on a cell phone Joseph Iran WB yen. Lawler and I'm fine job I understand your musical guys and you have a little tone for us. Yeah I got a little to own their personal like this say you know he brought the country down or no doubt about it enough vote for the man. But I was hoping he would do better and he he letter solves our I have never seen this country sort of like that totals liberal that are listening I'm sorry but you gotta. Wrong you know you picked the wrong guy blow we we were in a position where he could have done a lot of good and he didn't. And that's the truth so it's much at least singer they're afraid to think we're out continental there's still another calm enough that actually went not afraid. This thing attributes on the Barack Obama is way out to you by command with current. Case. It so by the way public tightly sang this song your physical self farewell for a high school. And he with the quest guy never does anybody remember in the interview he'd get depressed they were trying to ask them where he fell on the Vietnam War. It'd stick coal belt on he said all hunting. They keep my political views to myself I'm just an entertainer. And when he got drafted he went willingly they shaved his head. And that a lot of go lot of good for road recruiting and things like that. Class so yeah regarding my song and none of illegal okay. Sheryl though Barack hope. Mulch who and reed and Jerry Hughes. Are all bad June. Does the data crisis every king and true. We will back. Lady and I know you used geared at all. Abuse than me the as. You Reuters at all. There'll. But. Little intricate and that you move them. Jeanne. You know you're here after the war. Guys have other video he'll be here always hear the holiday and I think he should be a lyricist hello I'm a well nobody uttered or dried Joni. I'm sorry I hit the gong could. Or might it did during really isn't going here is when they were making homemade songs about the bills. And that I go to Wisconsin the first juvenile was overwhelming makings army songs up there and couldn't get away from them but it was a nice drive it was a good shot. Also Meryl Streep hordes argue about that. I don't know how you can talk about Merrill. Sure what she's dead and nobody's there nobody is saying this is not a consummate artist Joshi is we all know that but she is also dishonest because she did not use the word illegal. When she it was a reference thing people coming into this country and Donald Trump basically a motion to mention my name. Wanting to cut them off. Is she to issue his. Using a ploy trying to appeal to your heart strings without the essential word of illegal. You may have a great deal of empathy as I do for people want a better life to come here. But I don't have any empathy for people who do it illegally and and she knows that. And that's why they won't use that word and it's got to be really frustrating. Just that one simple. Word illegal. Let's go to us ozone and buffalo on of this my ex wife Suzanne here on WB. How how are you I'm finally you know my ex wife harnesses and I. Don't think they'll I think that we will have remembered it what do you have for us today. Well I would. I will see on elm street Mike's favorite actor it's about time on. We're on the opposite she ran pretty. Well been you know Warren on the bike to India and hoping that she Cairo. I'm not a political like she gets that eighteen months. And unfortunately she you know with the low road. Yet quote shall our outgoing for a slightly when they go no we go high. Obviously she knew Atlantic. Yeah I end today you know they've all they have for standing is a camera and the she has no more our intellectual rights. And then you do for her own opinions she can have urge you can have viewers and it shouldn't hold any more weight because she's a good actress. An opinion wealth on how well researched. Is welcome by anybody vote because she has that captive audience and because there are people all I like jury in that film so she must be telling the truth. That that I think it's really taking advantage of me. And and she should take a lot from you know really superb. Practices such recently departed. I don't know wonderful entertainer. Wonderfully accurate. On. You know cancer political views. Why I mean all the cheap unfortunately personally in the public eye on you know not nothing of her file on but. Happening at the different you look at something like that and then you look at some extra. I got in from outshot. I think that they do it against street cred aware of of the other actors and people in Hollywood. And yet there are people of courage I read several times Donnie Wahlberg schools shut by now law. And he didn't say well. Mark Wahlberg I'm a marker giving him his broad mix them Mark Wahlberg did you see those quotes yes ice while they've been on all over now she seems so that's good yeah you should have a right to and you shouldn't. Should be discounted because you are an actress. But you have a worldwide audience watching a TV show though they'll probably do it at the Oscars through bill take advantage of anytime they have. That many people that are willing to listen to him but I'm what you I wish you a big captive to herself. So that says she doesn't taint in my mind any performance as the year in the future thank you. And I'm in look like this. What has brush they've never given him should get you good performance. So she's taken your your your money for the ticket and you felt that was money well spent an issue donning elsewhere. As she held to it and it. As she watched her processor. She babysit your kids. She hasn't done anything for you you and oranges and Leo but she is she is going to give her her political view because you like terrorism performer. There's a lot of people like that. That are willing to use their position. To try and further their political position. And I think. You know you can do it if you want to know I guess and you're taking a chance. He commands the Dick's teacher so that worked out for them just starting to get there they're sea legs back after all these years. You have a right to say whatever you want. And I have a right to do whatever I want I can go to your move not only remotely. I'm Kim though like you. Again like you I don't care what your political views are and that's the hokey. If you weren't asked. About it like this. What is it warrant a movie star. What is today you're going to the dentist. And the Dennis casual in his or her chair. And there are about to start drilling when all of a sudden they start spewing. How much they hate to see Barack Obama leave the White House and blah blah blah blah blah. He wouldn't accept that. What if your doctor did that. Now what are your cab driver did that what if you're what are your lift driver did that. What are your airplane pilot did it what does any other profession did it what do the clerk at wegmans did it. What if they did you wouldn't accept it but because it's a movie star. And is surrounded by other movie stars in the limos are outside waiting and all the women have diamonds. That they have to bring back by the way to borrow most of them and they're wearing designer gowns and they are paired looks fabulous I guess they. Have more importance than the person engines Karachi the port jobs of the local meat market. Why. Good question. Why eyes that they have any more knowledge than you probably not. But they have a way of giving a good presentation mode. We'll be back. After. Okay. And ads policy 9 o'clock in the president will give his farewell address and you know give his thoughts as the eight years when. In the his opinion you can agree with a just threw it at your will but I'd like you to give the president York farewell address policies they divide him. It over Montreal on 80616926. 9:30 AM I think he's wandered. Squandered a you know I'm really good opportunity. They're going to bring people together and instead it's worse than it was before now Tony on your FaceBook page musical notes low little calmer. Saddam he had this basically sums up with a our our our last poster. OK okay. You're a piano there. Sony's dancing. It's his 25 anniversary. No Molineaux. I hit the road jag and Nomo a brother ray. That's also very Hillary Clinton. No magma dome. Very good hit the road Jack a musical tribute. And by the way we mentioned earlier a few days ago it was being bandied about that Hillary Clinton. Was I was being pressured by encouraged. To run for mayor of New York to run against the blahs EO and rounds and some is itself or Null. Stop bet it's the end of your. Political career. And then it was speculated that as she did that when Cuomo ran for presidency to run for governor all of these terrible thoughts racing through my mind. But last night on television they spokesperson alleged spokesperson. I'm closer said she has done in the running for office. As she always she wants to. Spend the rest of her it's time working with children it's nice that's good coaches as well. Who would that just don't answer my vote anymore not that you have gotten it in the first placement. Just tired of it. Let's go to Peter and saint Catherine's Peter your on WB again. And the good morning thank you very much and yeah that's good morning Peter what do you think what do you think what do you think your farewell address to the president. Well. Food so who knows he has been. The most devastating president in my lifetime I think in the last two to forty years to the United States and consequently to wooed. I mean you ask anybody if I would addressing him I was in the the president. I would like you to tell us one thing and don't see talks. Boot it up because that was already put him in its lead by bush and poston and those guys you just button it up. That was not an accomplishment. Because as taxpayers still would it's got money was stolen from the practice so can you name one thing to have done just want to look ten. I think he kind of knew that broke currency. I would look at him and I would say. So black crime. African Americans. Is our hopes of do it it is it it's it's it's in this kind now it is. It it you have been Australia. The black condition has worsened dramatically under EU. Crime unemployment six sectors that you have been out Celia. What I will Warner society and I think this is very important and it and it touches on something that. I'm Pete had said I think that. I would wanna ask him. Mr. President bluntly. We elect whether I'm Canadian but you guys we have Seattle we elected you and you have three. Islamic names you name is Barack Hussein Obama. I won and why. I think no one has about us and that's why is you and means that. Dan I would look like and what. Are you going to do would backlight Marta because what Pete said it is I think it's been me and consume mr. trump is gonna see this guy. Has not moved out of Washington. And we're not know go to Washington and accused had he put in many poisoned toads. We can all of those different agencies. Such that you think he's no longer president but yet people ruled around the through higher up. Who's going to be communicating with him and keep him informed on things that trump is doing he's sub slipping him. So I would want mr. trump. I would want to succumb to move from every single agency in the United States government. Four deep from top four levels down I would what accounts salute every single accept cuts. But every single agency I would want every single pact would change every one. No one if you see that when the government a horse candidate have been to government cohorts for a week. And to east title well because once every single thing that Obama touched. We want that we've. That is under our top to bottom up trojans. I hear what you're saying I think he wants the mere shadow president. Because no president in modern times stayed around Washington. They go they left they had they did their duty in fact. The founding fathers wanted people to run for office. Go to Washington do what they do at the end of their term go home to their real lives and their real wives and their real families. And he's not gonna do that because I think. He doesn't wanna like go power if I could ask him a question and he worked under all not under oath that wouldn't matter if it was hypnotized or truth serum I would say. Look what back at the last eight years would you do with the same way again. Because I think if you are really truthful he would have to admit that that way did not work. Whether society. I don't know what was your objective and first this is almost as what you said Julia the United States and consequently the wound. Lost is very important years because nothing he has done. Not one act nothing. Has benefited United States people who do. We've got to bear that we have to mend fences now we have to go back and undo. A lot of the things he did and regain the trust of our allies and rebuild our military. And there's a long list of to do's that'll take at least there the first term of this president. You're right instead of passing a baton and moving forward we got a clean up the mess thank you appear appreciate it. That's all think I would love. If he had to tell the truth had do we resource to lose him and to guys who have gone through Surma summit would you do with the same. Because if you irrational. He'd say well here's what I accomplishes what I didn't accomplish and I think the didn't accomplish was much bigger. I cannot make an image as this earlier if I were black I'd be furious. I would be boy I would be furious. Because what a wonderful opportunity. To make things better for everybody. Amend a law a lot of these deep feelings. That we've had in our past history of various. Clashes and things like that to get things together. And he blow. He just blow it he did it it was all about him it was all about revenge. It it was like him going house to house saying I'm here. And I'm going to revenge every wrong you've ever encountered will be back with more with beach and company under Israeli and I'm thirty W via the and oh tonight. For his farewell speech if this president had class. And I don't think he does but if he's dead. People like them like the pretended as if he did I think a speech that's set in essence. I did the best I could in eight years but I've made some mistakes. And what I'd like to do is be able to help correct those mistakes that we can move forward with the we do live the racial divide in closing of further even further so I hope you understand when I tell you that. I'm going to be in the vicinity of Washington. Just doing my best as a conscientious citizen of the country. To make things better. I wish I could have done in the eight years and it didn't work out like that but it I'm will be there to try to make America better in the future if he. Where classy person he might says that. But he's not anything that he's he's. He's go out kicking and screaming. Saying how wonderful he was and who would have been even better had those bad Republicans helped them out. And then everybody was against them. And that sort of thing he will not do what I just under any circumstances but I'm just saying if you war. Classy then at least you can understand if he meant it. Why he's staying in Washington. Because I think he wants to be a shadow president I think he wants that had to be able pulls strings. And I don't know in our day of superfast electronics and things like that I don't know why you would physically have to be in Washington. To have some kind of impose with a government should be able to do it electronically. But maybe I'm from Hillary that is not the best idea. To put things on your private server. As events prince's in hammers venture on WB again. I am morning sandy club ends. The idea. I had to pay attention to Rush Limbaugh. I've quoting an. Of some kind of national surveys. And it said 70%. Of the people in this survey. I guess felt that some things are bad that things are good and America right now. I would think look I not right now I. Think be in the future going forward Goran. Yeah yet is Baylor. Well I liked it and that they had that attitude thing and as so bad. That makes a big difference in a lot of what we think can do make choices because we hit the in bed dude. One or the other. Ally has star. Apple shipments. Vote present on Bynum back amount was and now I can't remember if it's intriguing. Where is your all and down. The idea. Control. Of Israel. Making. Dynamic weapons. Well I'm not so I'm not familiar with that though though the eggs thing you just expressed by a sub Bibi Netanyahu interviewed a couple of weeks ago. And he is practically has bursting with excitement up as a note getting a new president. As I am so it tells me that Israel sees their position with the US having weakened over the last eight years and now maybe back going to be back on track. Yeah well I'd bet that treaty I think it was intriguing and I can't remember. And it's just that. Israel all of from pursuing a dynamic guy weapons. And as the men episode that the dynamic and then applause okay. I can remember that as the Federal Reserve. System. And you night they gave them sixty minutes that he said. And the second. The second week of October. 2008. We're the eight and Neal who has. Red made nineteen point 89 net prayer. But in the auto industry has come back under Obama. Is that our policies have been rather. Look what he had to do over the auto industry I'm mean he had to bankrupt. All the stockholders in General Motors is bankrupt the stock certificates were used as wallpaper basically. He had to give billions of dollars to do that. And then avail the days since then General Motors has taken plugged at least tool. Brands off the market. And as you now. And they were there was a big push toward more fuel efficient vehicles and now that the gas prices are down nobody wants those. And also a big push toward wind and solar. Which hasn't worked out in dollars and sense of very well he is it sounds good and it looks good but it's. Not hasn't it hasn't done the job they expected it to do. But the fact is that the item I industry has recovered. While Ford was the only one it didn't take. That and now Florida is doing very well and affords us agreed to build that next plant in Michigan so. The I he was there was some of his stuff happens some of them preceded him whatever buttery Cuban mine who owns General Motors announced basically the unions. Now while that's yeah that's. Bags the bags and thank you very much. If if he really wanted was best for America. He would have tried to work and bring people closer together it was his mission right from the beginning he was like. As the president show revenge year or avenger oceans. Where he was gonna go back if anything. Anything that you think was negative as happened to you he was gonna corrected. Instead of trying to just look over the country and say okay aka we worked together on these things. How can we real lines on our thoughts how can we exchange ideas and things. That would really make it better and easier instead you know we got to do now we gonna do so much correcting. So much redo stuff it's it's takes a lot of time it's very wasteful money wise. We re we've got to re connect everything that was disconnected during his. Administration now may be every thing doesn't deserve to be reconnect it. But the things that do will have to be and that takes time and it takes money and takes effort and follow along the way you're gonna have the same people. There or in here is. And his cadre during the eight years fighting every step of the way. That's the way it is the only principal loss the battles Hillary Clinton. Sandy can we wish special shout out to deadbeat. In her husband's shoes and a way to visit him. In the hospital she said that you make her day every day you make her laugh and she's very grateful it was her wish. For us to say shout out to her. Well okay. Best of luck with the hospital and thank you for listening we appreciated thank you very much. Was Itamar. Morning at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty WB.

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