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1-10 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 10, 2017|

Sandy takes listener calls on what they want to say to Obama on his way out.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Elliott back to Beijing governor M sandy beach your farewell address the President Obama his farewell address tonight at nine from Chicago. I'll we will carry it live your farewell address a given mime a friend on given his. If you would like to do it. Oh lead though we appreciated it Austria and I'm 3018061692. Through six are 930. Here is attacks Obama hasn't done anything good for anybody blacks included. He's only focus on the destruction of this country. And the advancement of himself. Mary and Merry Christmas to you mr. Obama and house though of these that a baby. People are not shedding tears there are not moist eyes forums I go by. I would like your opinion and your thoughts I I think it was a shame that we had to waste eight years but we did. We had an opportunity rather he had an opportunity to bring people together through shed some light on why. Pia some people think differently than other people on trial and reconciled. Bots in these in the evening care who's the avenger. He it was a super hero regarding missing was the cape and the mass. And that was that he was out to avenge all the wrongs in the history of the world. Especially if they involve a minorities I never got the impression he gave a damn about the rest of us. Meanwhile. The the guy who hates me I love I was what about the guy Ares because they. He hadn't sent anything open yet he says there's got to be a lot better things to talk about an Obama. I. This guy complains every day zoning. If you put your hand on the stove and you burned yourself. Would you put your hand on the stove every single day now if you don't like the Jerry Brown isn't there is no problem. A lot of it but as is not a problem at all it doesn't hurt when you do this don't do this does do again joy by doing this at. Yes I'd and I am I doing this video. Codes you is it in Rochester steadier on WB again. Hello Steve. Having lived through the Carter years I agreed with how people wondering what became a Republican which 1984. Years. Excellent nothingness. Now this is yours objectionable nothingness and you know I've got a great order but I would. And halt the media. When they think picture in the final chapters written Barack Obama hope around themselves. Like eventually worked with Carter. In an in and actually if you look in their. It was about find out how little or nothing you really did do it. And respect quite a bit. You know it's funny is Carter was it was a terrible president but he had a good heart and he was trying to do the right thing he just wasn't very good at it. This president I think could have done a lot better but didn't choose to he chose his agenda anyone ramming down our throats. Right and Carter or. He was a good man you've got crushed and everything like we're human you know almost Archer's Democrats. They Angela rector realize how bad ones and that's why he's only gone down as probably the worst. It is and it's a color. I think brands a lot of the immediate word. Racist did you know and I think they. I just open it because color did nothing to do what I. Both of them in the first or second I'd however I was really hopeful he would do a lot of things were met first. Four years straight race relations and he just. He just turned it upside down and you mentioned at Cambridge thank. That was that was just started and you know I just hope people are out of what they think Pritchard the these presidential. Offers right back I don't I don't see it but I just probably. Yeah because for them to admitted gonna have to admit that there optimism was though oh was misused that he didn't he didn't come through for everybody. He was just trying to he was trying to avenge perceived as some wrongs but he did at the wrong way thank you thank you are very much Steve. He really did all he did was alienate people when you when you say that elections have consequences users through other elected officials. And I won and you have to get used to it. Basically I and saying hi Kim I can govern with India pan am a telephone. Meaning you don't need congress. When you don't enforce existing laws when you break. The you're your oath of office here Obama office says you're supposed to uphold the constitution. And enforce the laws of the land he didn't there. Didn't either and when anything's happened that involve minorities what would happen it's and a busload lawyers there. To see if we can possibly come up with a anything that shows that. No matter what it appeared to be there in the minorities were not culpable than it was the it was their oppressors. And services that we got. And Eric Holder for crying out loud. OK okay. I'm way colder. And so we got Sanctuary Cities. This is what we've what we've ended up with the after his eight years and now where we are in the process of hopefully undoing. That's sort of thing but what a waste of eight years of this country's lines. That this thing that we would go that direction. And how many times during those eight years did you say if the founding fathers were still alive they beat maybe. Just amazed. To what's happened in the country. So he always took care of that side of it he made a terrible judge I think. I think it would have been a war should judge and he. That he was this president simply because as a judge you've got to follow the law. He didn't want the law. As a judge you can't let your personal feelings interfere that's all he did was let his personal feelings and here if you thought he was a I bad president. It would have been a horrendous George. And had Hillary Clinton one who knows you may have been a Supreme Court nominee for that ninth seed on the bench. I shudder when I think about 803 on Montreal 1806 on six not to resist aren't dirty your farewell address the President Obama. He's gonna give you his tonight at nine. I'm from Chicago we will carry it I've also do you have any thoughts about being meaning. In Merrill strange words criticizing the president the best thing I heard last night. Was this. You know what is a great feeling of relief now there's a great feeling vote of accomplishments and all of that. Merrill Streep. And those like Meryl Streep can say anything Milano that's fine but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. They don't have a mouthpiece in the in the Oval Office anymore. And did they don't have media a superior numbers in congress. And they got a fare very well average fare supreme gore. So as that thought that. As as much as you've got I Judah in the last eight years it doesn't matter now. What they say enemy act away all they want while we've got a president who's gonna triumph and right the ship of state again. Will be back Lamar would Beijing company under Israel I'm thirty WB. Oh by the way just as Avaya a note. Yesterday I heard a spokesperson very closely Hillary Clinton. Say definitively. That she has no plans to ever run for public office again. The room have been around and the issues being. Urged to run for mayor. A New York City against the blahs deal. And then these speculation was that when Cuomo runs for president which you well. That the issue to run for his office and I was tearing my hair out until I thought about it don't have there. That's now that's how upset I was at that thought but it's been at least as of now. Definitively. Denied that she has any interest in running again but of course she's a wanna says. I wanna be the best senator I can be when asked that she was going to run for president. So at least that's good knows what she's not trustworthy. You'd think she'd lie Tony was no matter where you know she is a woman of impeccable credentials salt of the earth there hidden beneath that pantsuit. Puts you guys she has more credentials than you good bow wave more on them a trunk of a 56 Buick actually she looks like me. There exists Bure was always covered with lights. That bottom lies right up. The address to Barack Obama he's giving you his tonight at nine you'd give me yours right now let's go to and in buffalo and on WB yen. Roll on it's it's good we'll darkening and what do you have for us today or. Aren't really used acting. How opal all right if I had to get amnesty. I would say AM. Now you're actually windy it is right at computer slate is certain aspects and you submit your weight. He was booed at this odd men yeah well. See you did it who they are you late. Outrage and they are below that a year the Pope made a fool that you. Lately you. And immediately make cult. Even if it big and bad at all and it's saying it happened just in medical well. But the most disappointed they act they item most have a say about argued it is. I got back. He made a phone rattled. They want so they could see it that it really ugly. Now it's the other connections. Our Lola and that the cause of their acts and that and that that's going to get this not mean. They had a bit intense and high and my leg thing is that he always medical good I can't went bowling. Into this match and does it is no stake in the great. All thank you owe a thank you much and while. You know I gave you my opinion of what my farewell address to grow a Barack Obama would be from my perspective. If I were black I'd be even more angry. Because the opportunity to make things a lot better for everybody. And by making things better for everybody. Everybody would have benefited from it instead when you have constant conflict because it looked like. A 11 side was being totally ignore and I hate to even use the word side but I have to differentiate one let's grow let's say group. One group was being totally ignored. To the detriment of the presidency. He could have done if I am black could be saw angry because he could have done so much more. Who knows when the next person will run those limits qualified person we're elected and meanwhile got eight years basically down the drain. Basically down the drain with race relations the worst. As though my friend Johnson earlier in fifty years and I think that that's that's a good appraisal. It is the worst in fifty years and you'd now we got to do catch up. We should've been building on the eight years of Barack Obama but instead. Instead we have to dig out from the rubble and that that said. Somebody earlier had post that I wanted to thank Kim. For a his presidency which allowed us to hire Donald Trump as the next residence so obviously. That was a big reason that trump one I don't know why so many rewards those surprised. It was he was a long shot. But the unrest in the country was quite well known as Kyoto. It's Caspian Summers said Kathy you're on WB yen. I think Andy it's a great day to be alive and I am so happy like you said I'm so happy to hear that terrible. Speech and I think it's very bad. That Obama has made his mission to destroy this country with a vengeance. And I think good riddance and take your desires with you. And thank god that Donald Trump had the fortitude. To watch nick. Deal with this media and these hate mongers that are running the Democratic Party and end. In the damage our gear and I love and that was just has Ingrid about her and she didn't I don't know where but I lover and on it. That is the truth I feel so bad because what he's done. With all the races it's trying to make them hate each other what is wrong with you would be. Divide right away right away every speech had that division part where you wonder how come somebody else has something you don't have. Divided every on every street. Exactly exactly and then the green energy scam that's affected and I won't going to detailed but it's affected. Many people around the country having parts in and out of their homes I need. It anyway it's just skim it doesn't work there's just so much I'm so glad he's gone and god bless. Donald Trump. All right W thank you very much absolutely. There are those like Meryl Streep lol lol weep and moan gnashing of teeth whatever but as as I heard last night on television. He doesn't matter anymore. That that is the most in the lightening thing that I have heard. As we get to a near the change of authority in the White House. Because once you get to that and you know it's that way in life. If you have a job for instance. And it's a new job and you've got to get everything just right wanna please the boss who probably is the customers get a he get up early going in early or late Momo Momo mom and I you know I've treated very well which are doing the best job you can. I and then you get to a point where. You make that decision you know what. I'm doing the best I can it doesn't matter anymore it really doesn't it's so if freeing. For lack of a better term it really is a release that. No matter what happens it doesn't matter anymore so Meryl Streep can still be talking about Donald Trump now. After two days and it doesn't matter anymore. Okay and Harry Reid is no longer being able voter is a senator he's done it doesn't he doesn't matter anymore. The Democrats. Who are in the minority in both houses of the congress. It is they could matter little but generally it doesn't matter anymore. You know refreshing that is. Because once you get to have that point. Where it doesn't matter and you've done everything you can do and you followed the rules and you've tried to set high standards. And it and your being rebuffed. Time and time again you come to a point where it doesn't matter anymore but now with trump is does matter. And now we can get things done the things that they are doing now the senate hearings that big guns Jeff Sessions is on the hot seat in which. The Republicans will say he's fabulous Democrats say he's the worst thing since on sliced bread. And they will try to denigrate his character trying to bring up any kind of quote they go Diego opera. In the anybody's saying anything negative a bottom in the end he'll get past because of the sheer numbers in congress. And I hurdler commentators say unless. There's something that nobody knows it's of major consequence. Basically all of his selection. For cabinet members will get passed but first we got to give them a mud bath. We have to bring them in the senate and let the Democrats in Maryland would mud. Before the actual votes are taken as part of the process yes. This is what they do they got to prove you're dirt bag you in order for you to become a member at the highest level of the US government. Are we come back your farewell address the President Obama he's gonna give you his tonight I did it's well. I bet he's gonna say there were some goals he didn't accomplish. Because those bad Republicans. And a lot of Massey took over from George Bush. But blah blah blah so give me are as well here here's tonight at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yet. Our -- go back thanks doom mr. Cavuto yesterday April are filling in for me we appreciate that really last minute to I was planning the commander in jest couldn't couldn't that make it happens though thanks thanks to. Him for filling him also a tomorrow Lauren fix will be on the show right at the beginning. Of the showed talk about the Detroit auto show shoes was beyond yesterday. And do would change arousal issue will be on and she is on and actually announced at the Detroit auto show over car of the year. The leadership VO bolts BO wealth. And it was a Lauren fax that was billed as a congratulations on her. I'm meanwhile or asking your fair well address the President Obama he is doing his tonight thank heavens. Let's Obie doesn't have enough time to let every prisoner out of jail all of the fortieth says goodbye this is the farewell address. So he's going is tonight at nine we're caring and and worlds are caring yours right now if you like to give him one also if you have anything to say about Merrill Streep. And her criticism of the president first of all. Merrill Streep. Doesn't matter. Merrill's street smoke is great interest no question about that but she doesn't matter OK and once you get your head it is it's freedom. Three freedom freedom I'm just Sonya she doesn't matter and you'll notice 11 word. Left out of her diatribe. Because she was talking about immigration. And how you know a lot of wonderful things have happened in this country. With the immigration and she's right. But the word she leaves now. Illegal. Is an amazing. They won't say illegal. Because if they say illegal they won't have an allies in news. But by pretending. That it's everybody. And we all are descending from somebody who came here one time or another. Then you have allies well we can have but this is safe and orderly though it's it should assure argument now. And she can do that so as honest as she can be. With things Klein and her heart she forgot to say the word illegal. Regarding immigration. I tell me again a couple of FaceBook in the inaugural balls. Okay sandy let everyone is happy that Obama is leading a lane says. Why don't punch of dumpster dumped more balls the people here have been duped by actor unmanned LO well. You find out soon enough that you voted for a dictator who could care less about you unless of course you are 1% are. He will wish that Obama could come back as president is just too bad I have to suffer along with few. Today this is what Obama has presented to us this is what he has given to allies. Am who I Wesley we graduated. From a basket of deplorable also a dumpster. Of holes that's that's a step up overnight and that's that's a whole point. They have an attitude just as Merrill Streep does that if if you were tired of the direction that this country. Was going or lack of direction and you didn't like the effected. Now Obama was at the Helm he was at the wheel. Then you must be deplorable. IDS. Well guess what what was her name do you mean he's laying. You and I thought I'm valeo and you know and Meryl Streep. Two home opener. Oh. How does that feel to be on that side of it you can bitch and moan all you want and it doesn't matter. I give me one more melt ago. Jane says you are all propaganda ice morons. At least he wasn't put in office by the Russians. Good luck comrades and this new administration. I just read. And if you purposely picked out a couple of your new would tickle my funny bone loss was put dissenting well that help us I Howard this that. If I find me and to be honest yeah. But you know like Jeff Sessions is being grilled right now. To thank and I'll pass eventually they'll pass a smear with a but it passed. Imagine this imagine having an attorney general. That was independent. Of the White House somebody who actually it was in a party mouthpiece in a party go alone. Or I don't know I guerra holder may mean. A Loretta lynch may be what do you thing instead of it being an arm of the White House which it's not supposed to be. Now we're actually going to have a real honest to goodness Justice Department. So when something happens vote in the jerk reaction is is not to send busloads of lawyers so we can find out what the white people did wrong. As guys agree yet. Way you have them on on me and art they are here to help people in the office if you want. Just putting names of people actually there I wish we were Smart as gene Alia there it is but I do. Take great pride in that we've graduated from being a basket of deplorable story dumpster of deplorable. Let's go to. Pete in Ontario Pete was deplorable before the election and he's a deplorable now feeder on WB again. And very proud of Andy I'd really figured it. Other got to stay in complete and utter failure. You know calling. Back Albany. The constitution be talking. With our goods are note it yet is. Is it never repeat all. I think what's gonna happen now is it that app and a hundred. They're it and ship. And how we get up and come aboard and how we're about. How good they. And everybody. That bad at it better thought out his side while it's still a topic that you would collapse could. The matter is we use all which opens as weapons took opted called it man. Let's note that eleven. Day they're talking about rocketed anymore and although people that it has been there at the end. Bert thought that it has the right abuse lighted. Those people how long battery and a lot of how could really. Supporting documents and backs and I think they're gonna come out of the wood work and I think that's one of the reasons why they. It. But he could just all shocked are you will be it. Contributor to yet and that there or whoever he wants. Let me tell it these are set up or rating why EP. Poll what shall it. Be what an out that. It people are sick they need to respect of why no. True American at no cost to stop on its that the document called executive liberties would that be a problem. See what happens now. Dialogue here I love your passion and I share a thank you thank you very much. And I thought originally when I gave my idea. My farewell address to him I mention that he's squandered eight years. Because now we did have a black man in the in the office and he has communication skills. Body and can use the skills he's scared to use the club. And because of his approach what happened. The thing that I was afraid of most. What during media primary over the of the first election. Was that I hope you could still be candid and criticize. The president or congress and not beacons and not be called a racist orca is my concern and that's exactly what happened. So I want to think about this of all the people over eight years. Who have made it home ever have an absolute thoughtful difference. Which is something the president proposed. Or something the president said was immediately. Labeled a racist. Did you hear him one time repudiate that. Did you hear him stand up and say you know on. This person didn't agree where to what I had to say about that doesn't make them racist. Maybe maybe we can have future dialogue this is gonna go this way but. Abandon this race is because they've reported the agenda that once in eight years now. No because he had dialogue. And a high. Many people have been branded as racists who have legitimate differences with the president. And how he was running the country. Now I don't worry about being called racist you know lying as a non. I'm not and nothing's gonna give me away and I don't have to be on tip toes on you know walking on eggs too afraid that. As some statement of mine was planted somewhere and reduce it. The hour that. And and it is enlightening if tree. But I'd member I get branded racist every day and that's the whole point gotten what we got the point where. The freedom of expression. Is fine as long as you're not expressing something they don't wanna hear a then the only reason would be your races. And and think about the vitriol thank hate. He is responsible for bio wallowing that happened he could've righted the beginning of his eight years criticism now let's go around that that. Somebody can disagree with them I'm saying or doing and not not be labeled a racist I want to be able to disagree with somebody else's position. And not have a label on me but didn't do backers as a Toronto. And he won't that's that's his legacy. To paint a more more perfectly decent people who have legitimate differences as races will be back. After Jeff Sessions who is a nominee to be them attorney generals being quizzed by the senate. And grow one of his quotes that it's a banner on the joke televisions that directly over my head is. I will X acute the law as passed by congress. Think of how refreshing that is think of why in and in fact he has to say it. Because we had Eric Holder we handle renal lynch. And and the president of the United States in cahoots basically. Saying any laws we don't agree with the we will not execute or we will not fund. Especially laws concerning. Immigration things like that. That we have Sanctuary Cities we have cities that openly defy federal law. And they've not had a problem with the White House is a White House likes that. At least the White House the last eight years. This is such a fresh breeze blowing through Washington right now human like Donald Trump. But I guarantee that Donald Trump will get people's attention. And he will do when he swears he'll do and that's a follow formal law. It's not going to be like our alleged constitutional. Professor. Who didn't give a damn about the constitution. And our friend Gary Williams though I think this is a Guerrier on WB and Gary. According to it as it's been re as good morning do you have a farewell address Warren the president. I would like to say the president for the past eight years because he has done something that no other president has done. He has got the Democrats the media all of the other left wing sort of sad. That drop their pre sense pick up their ass and show that who they were underneath. Was literally Karl Marx. Wow that's that's a good point now. And it. And they were willing to recognize. The government any agency that they wish I've yet the people. I think abusing the IRS ever ever wish there was always the IRS will be become political may be using it against that that's exactly what happened and use the various departments not enforce the laws that are supposed to be enforced not fumble laws that is supposed to be funded I mean is practically a deadwood out there. I think what he has done. He has started the and put into motion the destruction of the democratic debate for the foreseeable future. Because when you tick off the bat and you see that all of the things that they've been saying. Well in years have just been a big lie and what they really are. Are marxists socialists. An outbreak has some pretty pretty. Quickly. Right there have even even the weakest and that's to understand who they really order. I before there was always a question while maybe they just lean that way and then they took you're right they took up the mess we've been saying this for years and years. And and anybody listening that doesn't really pay much attention sinking. Well now that's just because the more conservative in the government but once they show it to you once say they're proud of it Saturday February as a badge of honor. If you don't sign up for that than they screwed and those of a you're right I just watched toward toward Soro the video weekend. And the Alamo rose quote. I'm afraid we have awakened the sleeping giant and filled them with a terrible resolve could apply here. And they really do hate this country and all four and they pro active. So let their beady little questions anymore. Hope I don't weigh on the India golden global awards I didn't see Kozo wasn't watching but I didn't see a lot of empty seats. Usually held by top operate movie stars who were going to move and leave the country. I'd seems to me like they're still here at the trough foreign. And I like your like your thinking thank you yeah unveiled. I'm you know. Yes yes here's who we are this is what we are we don't like the country where it is and once we saw that than they lost in the way they lost. And it's there's something refreshing about that. You know it's also refreshing. Nancy Pelosi doesn't matter. You know what else is refreshing aides say it because it's our senator about. Chuck Schumer doesn't matter. It's not like they are there isn't the media throngs of having all the power necessary in goes with a president who doesn't give them. I mean really have you really felt represented the last eight years ago and this is a lot of those plastic he's not my Prasad man. I don't think he's given a lot. Do anything except for people on his agenda would chain us. So goodbye mister president Jim sorry I'm going to be busy tonight at nine maybe go today to complain about him. Later oops we'll be back government.

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