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1-10 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 10, 2017|

Sandy is back after a sick day and he wants to know your farewell speech to give to Obama.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well hello hello. Is reaching company let me just get everything adjusted here and there yesterday vote law obligates them. And you. I'm glad I'm back I am glad I'm back catalog talk about today in cloning if you've got off to keep one which would you keep. Follow Merrill's street. Climate that was really close. And when they go to gloves dry I don't watch any of those shows are really zone because I don't care what grounds the women are wearing. You know and blah blah blah blah blah and it's. It's always a lot of people you don't know but the bottom line is I know somebody if not one person may be all of them would take shots at trump. They've already happened and in fact before the news started the Monday yesterday. And the radio on obviously and I was just where Bart is it's kind of like fun to prognosticate. The headlines. As OK somebody this is Donald Trump right and down. As though get into that a little bit a little bit we got other things to talk about did you miss me yesterday zoning us. Happy anniversary today thank you happy anniversary of 25. Years. Sony has been married two OWB. Yet if it's a marriage made in heaven and a culture of the fabulous case and yeah I'm still waiting a lot of video about the watched you know once Narnia. The pizza and the other Cleveland Indians tickets and that would be nice but now now August it is okay. Hub Isaacs no consequences yet realizes a lot of Red Sox tickets not only go to Fenway it's about a deal of the day until they all know we don't have on today's times are. No I wanna vibe Bob. He's 125 is I mean that's that's four or five happy years I mean that's pretty good and then in dog years. And especially when I met you. IE yeah I was on low floor no you're you are you went on to write in then was it one hour two hours you do what Kevin Keane there was an hour and how that was the first talk ever did was I would finish at 9 o'clock. On one or two ago across the hall with Kevin Kane and and he may. And do an hour of talk on the hand I was the first that talk and that was the first talk show I worked on now so yeah I've been back here twenty years. But in each way and I've been out may have button and here there and everywhere writes that I frequent flier miles. We're gonna talk about a lot of things today the president. Actually I don't I can't tell you. How joyful. That's why can't fake I'm sorry I think. The president is going to give his farewell address today. This is that his fly and which showed you that he's the best thing since George Washington. And Abraham Lincoln combined and Bob Bly is leaving the country much better than they found at the George Bush as a dirt bag. I mean out your usual stuff in here as a in his farewell address and he's in Chicago. I hope these. A lot of via Secret Service residents are cargoes average agers boys to be. I'm bodies them despite the strict gun ya exactly. So be doing that. And we're going to ask you to give you our farewell address to President Obama. We will hear his tonight at nine and there will be hearing it here on news radio 930. And his farewell address in which you oh. Kind of paint a beautiful picture. And we'll see how it stacks up with a our without thoughts of how he did in eight years as the president of the United States. So I would like your farewell address to Obama also home. Merrill straight I decided to go line guy a look at the the first from street. Has no lower standing. Then you do or I'd do. Or your neighbor or a big guy who delivers of them the newspaper it's a person who has an opinion and that's fine but you do have a a microphone. And a camera and issues in front of a very friendly audience. Who even make believe lives. They really do and it that it was appropriate. To cast doubt upon your sanity simply because you like Donald Trump and you don't like where the country's going. So we'll be talking about that to keep reminding. They do not live in the same. In the same atmosphere the rarefied atmosphere that the rest of Lewis. Do they live in far more so we'll talk about that. Also talked about Donald Trump's tweeting I mean yeah it can be impulsive but it's it doesn't get screened. It doesn't get screened by the press rule puts meaning on every word every breath every breath group. In them in Donald Trump's. Address so will be a talking about that too. So when is ours but it's rail. I liked that idea I think it's standard rails a good idea however I want you think about what's between it if they work to continue. From the south campus to the north campus. Think as I drive that all the time it was for highway and in that. Think of what is between those two I don't know what kind of a proposed route that would have but it would be in this way. Enormously. Expensive. But I don't know if they've made any proposals yen or this is like the first shot across the bow. Of something that Richardson and I've always thought that if they or extend the Leo mr. A good place would be its agents now. Because look what's down there I mean like a long as there. OK numbers there. Orchard Park is there. There's a lot of population down there on. And and I'm sure that they would have to do feasibility studies as the world would make the most sense where you have the most bang for your buck. Well it's going. I'm having a piece of invisible K Thursday. This is really good to select another slice. You know I'm trying to cut down. My doctor said if you can cut down on the invisible okay. He said Sony's one of that anniversary is coming up and as is today. And so they brought the invisible cake for Tony and he's already given Alex is getting a second piece I'm size knob right you know and odd jobs. Going Q. A nice piece on this show I usually don't have to eat crow and admits he's of these invisible okay. Take a break and return under is greater than thirty WB yeah so I'm watching any national news report and there are about to announce the car of the year at the Detroit auto show. And a very elaborate a woman walks up to the microphone and says there currently there is the ship heavy bolts. Not to be confused with a said the his Chevy Volt this is the ball is employed and I'm thinking while. One an attractive woman I wonder what her name is Aaron I'd recognize her as Lauren fix about the and I find ourselves. Now it was supposedly our show yesterday when I was out sonar and will be on tomorrow. So that'll be very very nice that's a nice honor to announce army air assurances that firm. Referenced G she photographs well you know wise because she should she's quality is to the party woman. So that is that's a very nice thing we'll get the update on the Detroit show. On. Tomorrow as a show already in progress but it is now you know they always in the press is always an early. So that they can. And it's funny is. They send people to review cars and stuff that's on the mark cars Myanmar in Mosul law. And I IDA's view on the ice and all of these Talking Heads there to stand in front of a car. And interview somebody and most of them don't know that much about cars but it's it's racial and you know it means it means that went there. Is in the middle and pretty soon we'll get the nice weather and the nice new cars and don't think too slight to ease some of the companies have some outrageous. Debuts in how the hell yeah the vehicle until Romo one year Chrysler. Put any energy venture he threw walloped collapsing. I have a good jolly rancher here and I've been looking for a wall of glass just drive to throw. Main if you have a wall of glass and you don't care about it I'd be happy to drive mine in Grand Cherokee through. Now this avenue at Virginia. And this is the kind of thing and don't want to happen to you are today a police say a man broke into New York town home. Eight salmon. Put on the homeowners clothes and was found smoking a cigarette in the owner's bed. The sheriff's. That responded said the neighbor tackled the suspect and held them for plays I think it's outrageous eating salmon. At that and as somebody dressed up in New York close. Eating yours salmon. When Nevada supposed to be in your house I would think that that would be a very off putting what would you do zoning. It's a it tries to assemble through a little over a week if I just try it once you do tow yard you know a lot of people love salmon bears are who are lost sentiment. You're over the seminars when they're responding I guess we all grew almost bonding we get overreact to him. And on swam by gulfstream. On the beach it's ever I'd leap out of the water and a bear grab joining each year. It can be a good future if you're a Sam did he have a meeting of your brother and sister salmon going is so we got. Thank you very much a salmon associates. Of the for hasty exit Joseph Robert your autumn and Jerry Lewis telethon mum we need more money give give give give deliver its. You are if you remember of these salmon community. You want there I mean is that say god isn't fair in the in the way he gives certain gifts to certain animals. And other animals are not so much you know I mean. Like if you lie again. I mean your king of the jungle. Other animals are afraid of view. You know you care and marvelous pick out your meals well in advance no problem. If you're busy. Mom. What do you got going for you you can run away that's not always. That's always the best choice I mean if if a phone line comes behind you you can curriculum. But it's not really the same if you are giraffe. I mean it's hard guy and giraffes fight would then next procedure at by analysts nasty whip that neck around like that in Islam when they hit and and he wants the video at the drive. And that's what I mean they. And that net around and end you know it's not a good thing of course and so some animals are feared and their beautifully. The cats in the cat family. They're they're just beautiful a look at armadillo not so beautiful. So he got beauty stealth. And the ability to it's regarding your own lunch. And in certain animals have that the others are launch an ethnic at. As good as she read a book about that what if you were launch. Angelo right now what if that's the only reason we're here is we were both with somebody yells or something else. That's a good time hockey season and that's a promise. As a group. I big go football game last night I don't follow college football but that clubs and won Iowa 12 left some thought they of the warrior and he didn't go for a tying field goal he went for the winning. Good one for the winning a spark might as well go for sure absolutely and plays it safe all the time. Via the NFL games there were on over the weekend the wild card games. Wow I'm I'm just telling you the Packers look good there really do do I felt bad for Eli too because I was look good in the first quarter that they were available they can dropping. Everything that was throwing them including Beckham who is usually very sure hand I think he still has suntan lotion on his hands again that was yet. A lot of the games that weren't much you know for action. Miami should have been at all no and for fuel laments that we didn't make the playoffs. If we had made the playoffs would have been Miami. And we would that bother you absolutely so that's that's not good. But this weekend the better games coming and looking forward to a Tito looking forward to analyze. Okay. The president was going to Chicago and tonight at 9 o'clock eastern. He will have his farewell address and these addresses. Sometimes genetic and carbo little plays out of history is Washington's farewell to the troops. I mean use anger by you kind of reminiscing how it went. Your view may not be I commonly accepted the population. And it'll be very interesting to see how low of Barack Obama paints is eight years in the go White House. And how much he has that he doesn't standing alone and other words I did this or I you know I got this drawing or whatever as opposed to him. What he got when he got there what was left behind by George Bush. Bill what kind of opposition he had from Republicans. So will city we'll see if he is going through and be able to do a standalone speech my guess is he's not. My guess is he is going to say. In so many wars. That he he could have done so much more there was so much more and his vision. But he was a strike his vision was obstructed. By his opponents that's my overall yes. However. Knowing how the press reacts to anything Barack Obama does. A they'll probably gush over the speech no matter what it has not Ivan CNET and I'm Messina. An area of a release of an haven't heard anything yet so we'll judge will judge honestly but. The first thing I want is your farewell. Address who President Obama. I'd give me your version if you were saying good bye to a Obama and you are at least as a president I mean I'm. I'm sure he's the kind of guy that sticks around he's the kind of guys that in your small town. He Wednesday a lettered athlete. And then everybody is classes moved out moved on he still hang in around drugstore with his high school letter. And I think that's the kind of guy Barack Obama's going to be he's gonna wanna be hanging around and hang around. And prophetic figures saying hey remember me I was the president. There is there's a mean that the guy that peaked in high school out exactly did you ever notice that when you go to a reunion. Though billion wallflower is suddenly 10 hey hey look at that. And via the real hot ones not so much writes I'm pays so I guess we all get our turn in the barrel. I missed mine. I better go back when my yearbook. Because I didn't miss so maybe it's not too late and wish you had a reunion we'll ever by Friday. You know why young and I wanted to because I had been the element along time ought to hire some really good looking guy to go as me. And B I could tell a few things and only I would know and and go to a OK we come back we'll go over the things that we're talking about today on the Israeli and I'm thirty WB yes. Elliott back we're vision don't have sandy beach and tonight's a big night for President Obama debate night for the nation at 9 o'clock. We'll carry it live the president will be in Chicago or game from. And though he'll he'll make his farewell address. And we'll see where that goes we will be covering live a little pro via reacting to it sometime tomorrow to. And we'll see if it's a gracious address if it's a bitter dresses. If it's a week. A wistful address so we Ian never know what's right somebody as they're going out the door. So we will see that so I'd like you to have a chance to give your farewell address to President Obama. And you know it's one thing for him to tell you how he did. In his mind and as you move to tell him how you think he did in your mind. You he is the president view our taxpayer you are a citizen you are booked a voter. And that you are the yeah of the world get a Pepsi molesting you on the world. You are the world. Anyway let's all let's all hold hands as though President Obama begins to speak I might if we're giving an address. To President Obama I was say I'm very disappointed. Foray wasted opportunity. Every president. Looks for opportunities. That he would be noted for what the history books Wednesday because. You know current conversation fades away and we barely remember what so what was said a couple of weeks ago. But history is there it's in the books and anybody wants the resurgent Laguna. We'll see that this president. Only had one thing to that was notable. And that one thing that was notable had nothing to do win this president. It had to do with his parents and their parents and their parents and their parents in the back as far as you want. And that is the fact that he is a minority. Is the big call him the first black president some bulls say he's not. Totally black but for the sake of argument today or our discussion will say that that was a thing of note. The first minority president of the United States and let. Goes a lot of opportunities. A lot of opportunities that I thought were squandered. When this president. First thought yes. He'd lead Hillary Clinton. And remember the Clinton machine was so was at full speed ahead. They have plenty of money her husband was as you well know are former president. And yet he beat her in the first election. Andy and the second election was an oh no problem for him to get all eight years in office. But what that win. He had an opportunity to do something he had an opportunity to bring races together or at least try to. And he didn't. I don't think he even came close in fact we get the impression of a man with a chip on his shoulder was something to prove. And you know when your sworn in under oath that you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I I think he told the truth. When he said that. If you elect me there'll be a fundamental change in the United States of America. We believe in is simply. That that would be a positive change. And what we found was a man with a agenda and it seemed like every day right from his first day in office. He had all things lined up and deep deep deep on on the list every single day. War grievances. On hi all minorities have been treated minority. Opportunities. Things like this and other words. He was elected by the whole country. But I think he felt he was wrongly need represent half of it. And it's not even half they're viewed via minority percentage varies depending on what minorities in Libya but for the sake of argument we'll just say yeah. All right does not even near half but it seemed to me that everything was focused on that. He went on an apology tour to apologize to various nations. Not how he thought the US. Got involved or did things that was detrimental to lose to their welfare. And he purposely time after time after time reminded people why he was there. His famous saying. Elections have consequences. That he won the election also when he was having troubles in congress saying that he didn't really need them because he has a pen and a telephone. So use he was sold to us. As a man who thought the US constitution of the college level and we found he had no respect for the constitution. None at all. And because of that people. Hole it did. Field that the constitution is the greatest document ever. We're led down immediately so as soon is as soon as he was a sworn and it was like he took a mask off. And said OK I got elected and under these circumstances but his are rarely am. I'm here to avenge all the wrongs ever done to minorities and you know apologize any wrong done by the United States of America. My agenda going forward is simply a minority are and it had nothing to do with the majority of the people in the country. And because of that. He has a natural charm that he could've you lose but he chose not to. It was almost like as I've said before. A group of college professors I'm sitting at the at the lunchroom and saying you know. If if we ever and of us ever became president. He is some things we could do. And I get the distinct impression that that was his agenda right from the beginning. He couldn't unveil at all and we weren't Smart and tough or inquisitive enough to ask him. We just made some assumptions. We made the assumption is that they want what's best for the United States. My feeling is he wanted to do what's best for the minority members of the United States and not necessarily for. And he did not care about a decade since the times even centuries alliances with other countries in care about India. And so I think he was so wrapped up in himself. And here is possible position history that he forgot. The every day via. Requirements of the job that he represent everybody. That he talked to everybody. And I think if in his last eight years. Most people that are not minorities would feel left out. Like we didn't have a president they give a damn about us he cared about minorities and that was that and it's. And they elected him a second time and I say that because I didn't vote for me it's. So that would be in my farewell address of President Obama if you're looking. Florida legacy. And you're looking for something positive. You're gonna have to keep looking because I don't think I don't think that you worth the time we gave you. And certainly the power we gave you and the opportunity we gave you your took it and squandered that and I think that's arguably remembered. We'll take a break on news radio 938 W via your farewell address. To President Obama he will give his tonight at nine in Chicago and we will carry it alive. I'm here are some of attacks there. I. And as a genteel as you might think. Don't let the door hit you and they do it on the way out that's one of them OK here's another. You showed us your flaming left this. I'd like to say has been a pleasure bottom like view I feel badly when analyze OK so we're getting of people. Don't policy. Where and they always they always OK don't go away mad just go away as is ago one. By Felicia. Now I think it's knows what that means I'm sure you know remains Sony says slow moving. It's from I I wanna say it's from the movie mean girls are like me you're seeing me along and I could be wrong if I am wrong my girlfriends probably. I'm pretty sure is from the added like said by a sassy Baath Lee showed that pretty much see you later. OK okay like Bob I is that he's going set him alive I so there's. There's not a lot of love in this room or on our tax I'm sure. The president I am too I'm I'm overwhelmed I'm I was gonna love fast love fest a big you know everybody sharing a Pepsi standing in a mountain and singing. Okay this pinging bye bye it's been good and though you. Not necessarily. Let's go to my friend Don in Pennsylvania Donyell and or is certainly you have something. Tuesday to Barack Obama. Yes I certainly do and the effects of taking my call on you in that Tony have a good day well we. It's Sony's money fifth anniversary I got my very special expensive gift that hasn't been delivered via. I guess I get. Anniversary and birthday urine of all because yesterday I celebrated a birthday Zola. All who your birthday or congratulations happy birthday die and happy birthday the true. Thank you very much appreciate that. Our eyes and hey guys you know approach is and maze of back yourself up right does it is is a reason to celebrate done. The I realize. These are some stuff of horror Obama you have a you know your farewell speech to Obama. Yes that's going to be there. Thank you outgoing President Obama for being the most divisive individual. To ever lead our nation. By setting back race relations. Over fifty years a fact backed up by your assumption. That early on in Europe first term that the police man in Cambridge mass was acting stupid while doing his job properly. We're checking out black man. Acting like he was breaking into his own home. You acted not knowing the facts and that that that home we had eight years on racist behavior. You also doubled our national debt from ten to twenty trillion. And and that is a number with twelve zeros attached. For the uninformed. Obamacare has made part time employment the bold and you must all star in gas company because many individuals have to drive. From one part time job to another war. You who are responsible for global. Stability. And illegal immigration is totally out of control during your administration. Goodbye mr. Obama for getting you will not be easy getting that the structure of Europe. Created for our country I will certainly appreciate each and every day you're gone and do not let that out of the White House if you let me ask you back. Good job I don't like that very well thought out I wish you know if he had great admiration for Martin Luther King Jr. I wish you read something about them and could learn some lessons there thank you Don thanks for sharing that Persia and happy birthday to you. I didn't noses birthday. But happy birthday to him is my idea. As France's third grade if you south FaceBook I would have no and then it was birthday and I would've told you well thank you yeah you're my official usually it's a woman that keeps track every in my whole life I never I remember one birthday besides my own obviously that's my sister Beverly. No I don't remember might iceberg. And remember any any birthdays for some reason my brain is faulty not that you didn't know that if you. I thought it as it does that it doesn't register everything as being important enough to remember. Is sure because birthdays are important but it doesn't. So I've five ever forgotten your birthday applause are pretty good look birthdays what does this one thing I like about FaceBook. It reminds you you know you don't ask and that's bruises and I want them things Don brought up in his farewell address of a President Obama that I brought up so. It was an opportunity. Squandered. To help raise relationships. A really am sensitive to mine and he mentioned him in his. I think it was squandered that's the nicest thing against say I've I've also been on record as saying I think it's been very nervous of and on comes round says that it doesn't just face. And then. You mean the beer summit wasn't a huge success. At that wasn't something that we can all hang our hats sockets. Yeah pat and top. The whole point is that at least. Remember the Cambridge police department it went downhill from there you guys. Who understood the power he now and it was intending to use every minute of every day. It's a show who was in charge. Instead of bringing people together and he really did divide people. More than they were divided before he took office in when you have an opportunity like this and this was an opportunity. For more understanding more enlightenment. And he'd he'd have a natural personality. That if we take that ship that giant ship probably shoulder could have been used to illuminate. On Tuesday. We'd all do the same things the same way at the same time. And a and kind of bring bring that together instead you'll never ever got that impression. That. That indeed that's what he's trying to do he is it was the avenger. He really like the avenge perceived wrongs some of them were more than receive some more wrong. But he I think he felt that it was it's your job. To correct everything he ever saw as far as being unfair or. And just in whatever I'm overcompensate. Yeah oh big time to time and that made it worse for every body did. I've known how to handle. Iowa come back I want your farewell address to President Obama the ones that are coming in on tax or. He handed. Luckily I'm merely wanted to read them. Exactly more on the radio and I'm thirty W via.

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