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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Metro Rail Extension and State of the State - Legislator Ed Rath

Metro Rail Extension and State of the State - Legislator Ed Rath

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Erie county Republican legislator and ramp is with us. To react to the governor's proposal to extend metro rail to with the DL a W terminal in buffalo and from that UB south campus. To the UB north campus or beyond Ed good morning. Good morning Susan what did you think when you heard about this yesterday. Well there are encouraged to hear the governor talk about extending the metro rail out the UP north campus that has been a proposal hurt decades. In a long overdue that we have this extension. To reach out to what has been a real destination in the U beat north campus at Wallace community to what's happening downtown unhappy about the proposal now he could talk about how we're gonna pay for. How long you mentions that talked about for some time how long have their been serious discussions now. About says DN ATA making man expansion. As long as I can remember brain it's been around for decades and I think he first. Version of the light rail rapid transit line was just started and now with intention to take in different directions. And out of you if north campus and make so much sense to there's 20000 students. There are thousands and thousands of faculty members and residents and one half that transportation access and extending the rail out to the north campus certainly accomplished that. It's not clear exactly where it would end is it are they talking about. The actual UB north campus or beyond that neighborhood you know. That's a great question because they've heard from a lot of business owners who would hope they would go further out across point. I parkway if you will a little bit further north towards three and grow. Because there are thousands and thousands of jobs out there with Geico and media companies that are located there are so. Perhaps extending it just beyond my few miles past north campus. But he can make more sense. Were still talking about a long time before that's possible that happens ended the money from. The state would be four. Initial plans things like that. It is the region. Willing to make gays in if significant investment. In this project so how long do you see it taking before this is reality. Well I think it would take several years before it became reality but. I think we are fortunate to have in our president elect Donald Trump the commitment to transportation the commitment to infrastructure. And building our communities. But also having the rule of congressman talent. As a liaison between the White House and Capitol Hill. So we federal monies equity stake money's a commitment locally that's all in place those pieces of fallen into place now. Where they haven't been in place before but it's not really a gives us a greater repertory seen in decades to get this done. So this may be more of partnership between local state and federal. It induces and that's the way a lot of these major projects are really come together is when you have. All the stakeholders parking. And Morton together and kind of funny pieces. But understand that they're so much happening don't sound awful lot quicker also so much happening how do you beat north campus they need to be linked to fall back and forth. As a community continues to grow and expand. Rice sharing was also brought up and the legislature has been behind Nazis. Put up 100000 dollars say Erie county has for a campaign for ride sharing. Have you heard anything new out of Albany know what the issue or. Understanding and where that stands right now about a week I believe after you guys launched a campaign. We cannot do it right here accomplished enough here in Erie county and Western New York. The other the divide now between town in upstate and right hearing is a classic example of that divide. We need to frankly get this accomplished as soon as possible because it's a public safety threat. It also creates. Economic development and jobs. And get right cheering I think helps our community specifically when it comes to people who wanna use right sharing. Now when they're traveling around our community. To an article out to restaurants or Q a travel back and forth to events so we need to get it done sooner rather than later because balance them out to people are clamoring port town. We're talking with legislator and graphic and the only ask about the free tuition. That the governor product in his state of the state 85% of western York families would qualify well we talked to senator Tim Kennedy this morning but he didn't answer this. How would this be paid for. Yeah I think conceptually it's a very good idea I think the devil is certainly in the because when it comes came forward I've heard. Suggestion that it could cost. Several hundred millions of dollars per year now where could almost also cost upwards of 700 million dollars per year. So I like the idea for the devils certainly going to be the details when it comes to paying for. And I certainly don't know I'll what that means right now. Cocaine era county legislator at the wrath Ed thanks as always for joining us.

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