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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Cuomo Proposes Metro Rail Extensions - NFTA Exec Dir Kim Minkel

Cuomo Proposes Metro Rail Extensions - NFTA Exec Dir Kim Minkel

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've been talking today about governor Andrew Cuomo state of the state address that he brought to buffalo yesterday and one of his proposals calls for a major project that spanned both the city and suburbs. Proposal two is support the extension of Buffalo's light rail program are. Okay. Which look directly connected tens of thousands of jobs the library of extensions to did the island W railroad terminal will spur development. And reinvigorate the cobblestone. District. You heard on the plan calls for the metro rail to expend extend past the UB north campus in Amherst and it would also and a stop. At the DL and W terminal that's their right behind the Rina at downtown. Are we're joined now on the live line by cam mangled the executive director. The NF TA Kim good morning did you did you know this was coming yesterday in the governor's speech. Good morning since then. No I did not tricked up let me just say we certainly appreciate the governor's tremendous commitment to Western New York in particular. His commitment to public transit with the with the very pleasant to practice. Out what was see your reaction when you heard it the news he said pleasant surprise. Did you think that the governor would be throwing state money state resources. Into this project or at least try to. You know we had been in contact we not accompanied we're aware of this project we had asked for their assistance and on budget until it happened we were never quite. Quake share. Do you have any kind of a ballpark figure cam as to what it might cost. I've just four and let's let's break and ended two parts first extending to the DL on W and then extending from the south campus. You know two north and Amherst. So there is the extension to deal MW is the short extension. And most of tragic include incorporating a new station into the deal in Dubuque. And the preliminary estimates for about. Is about 42 million dollars. The estimate to extend to UB it's a little bit more difficult at this point the design work. On has not advanced to the point that I can give you a firm number but considered the original line that we have. Content on just under 600 million over thirty years ago. LA I think it's probably compared to today. It would probably be twice that to. So was safe to say also that what's included in the state of the state yesterday it's probably money for helping fund those designs those plans not exactly. Putting shovels in the ground yet. Shirt so what do we do is it would help us and carrying accused the project development phase. In these federal process. Where we would conduct the environmental review and complete complete the preliminary design. And that would allow us to that. And turned to the program and try to secure funding for construction and the future. The demand. Is there is an effort for both of these extensions. That's absolutely. On today are real ridership of about 20000. I'm based on recent announcement that that we've done we expect by 2035. That the daily ridership will grow to about 45000. Riders. And it and I should say that the that we have today even though it only goes a little over six miles. On a per mile basis we are the fourth most dense system in the nation until with the system that's Williams. Say this gets passed by the legislature are you able to give this kind of a timeline if this funding is made available this year. For these preliminary steps. When are we looking at expansion to Amherst. Is it ten year project a five year project can you give us a ballpark. Charity it picked for a little while to do the design and the environmental work so within the five years. And it is a good target. Are ranked Kim mingle the executive director the NF TA Kim thanks so much for joining us and talking about. The expansion of the metro round you murdered there not exactly shovels to the ground at this point a five year project but it's a star.

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