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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Confirmation Hearings On The Hill - Trey Hardin

Confirmation Hearings On The Hill - Trey Hardin

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're joined now by ABC news political analyst trade Howard in and it's going to be a busy week. In Washington a busy week in politics why don't we start with the confirmation hearings says it starts with Jeff Sessions. Is this going to be. The most contentious of the hearings might that be Tillerson later on though what are you expecting out of the first one. Well I suspect that did the first one is going to be. Contentious but I think all of them will be because the Democrats. I think you're so frustrated with the results of the election and they don't feel like they have any other recourse other than to use these hearings as an opportunity for theater and maybe start helped them fund raisin and get their party back. You know excited and motivated moving forward. But they're not immediately influenced the outcome. Cabinet secretary appointments only require 51 votes in the senate to get approved. I'm like it's unlike the Supreme Court nominee they require sixty votes. It's so. This is there opportunity during these hearings to kind of create some fanfare. You know yes I think they'll be some other ones that'll be contentious as well. Over extortion secretary of state. That you could you could argue that all of that will be because Democrats find some. Issues to try to make it to try to slow it down. Or to try to kind of discredit the the appointments. Something that the Democrats are doing today that I think is just too. Frankly disgusting. Is having. All of the senator Cory Booker color testify against. Senator Jeff Sessions. One of his colleagues and they're doing it because Cory Booker is black and and so potentially being used as a racial pollen in this in this confirmation hearing process. To try to discredit senator Jeff Sessions who has say you know an impeccable legal records so. Unfortunate but this is the type of theater that comes Japanese. Yeah I know in the end though. Do you think that all of these appointments will make it look will be approved or not. Every single one of them unless we hear of a revelation that. That is so significant and major that. That was not already vetted. Horror or known by a by trump and his team. Which obviously didn't thorough background check of these folks for this process. It appears there's nothing they can stop these confirmation hearing these these cars to get them. But what are you expecting out of President Obama tonight. A whole lot of loose ball. Not paying him to and basically probably trying to take a lot of credit for. A lot of things that are either did not happen or. Frankly shouldn't have happened on the spot in the pro Obama is. This seems like a nice guy is a nice guy probably has got to appear list Carnoustie is a cigarette. But the fact is Jews as the president and in many ways. Made made things much worse in this country certainly racially yen and culturally and socially. Among a lot of people. You know you'd stick to understand why our president you know may not be able to move legislation to move. The agenda because he's got to deal with congress but one thing that you do count and the president Ford is leadership and to unite the country make it feel better. I would argue that he he polarized it more and and that's what I think he's going to be remembered for. It then this is not a chance for him tonight to take shots at the other side. Or is it. I don't think he would do that because I think he's already shown that he is gonna try to go out on in a classy way which. Is admirable and and I think it is the right way for him to go you know. And frankly we are going presents we usually give the benefit of the doubt to and their approval rating goes up a little bit because. Don't want to hit someone on the way out letter or hit it a man when he's down kind of so to speak. On the Brett I don't see it being some major political speech. That he you know he wants his legacy to be. And some of the positives are I think that and help focus on the positives and oppose the negative. I just don't think there's that many positives to focus. On the flip side trump tomorrow. Are we expecting a lengthy news conference what exactly do you anticipate. Well you never know with Donald Trump my I think. He certainly is not gonna it's not going to be cut off by staff because he does little thing any consequences of the staff in the situation. Brett. I think he's gonna target for the she wants to. I think. The media and reporters and journalists who will be here knows that it's going to be easy to beat him so. They're gonna try to ask questions. That keeps them there even longer because they know that when anyone anytime anyone talks. More how there's a greater chance for the mistake being made toward me as being bitter controversy. But it's going to be tough to make as we haven't heard from them and allow mean in some ways. It's been Smart for trump to kind of stay. I was. He you know. Away from the microphone for a little while if you will. While he's gone through so that appointment process. But so this will be uninteresting it's interesting thing especially in light of the fact that he's taken the social media that's going to be anything but traditional in the White House from a communications point. It should be a huge drop because because of the possibility of the nine unexpected right. Always always certain that we were that we I think if you know anything that's been done protocol wiser to Goran has been typical or traditional in the past. As it relates to outlook president handles communications and and and communicates with the country I think is thrown out the window. Clearly when you have the president elect during the time that you know you think he would it would be showing certain humility and and talking about. Responding to someone like Meryl Streep. You know who's is clearly a significant armed. Or talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger is role in the patently your prime minister. I think it is chose to live for something that's certainly going to be different than what we've seen in the years past. Okay tray hard and political analyst for ABC news straight thanks as always for joining us and it's going to be a busy week in Washington. Obama tonight and will be sure to have Donald Trump for you as well tomorrow.

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