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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Examining Cuomo Ride Sharing Stance - UBER's Josh Gold

Examining Cuomo Ride Sharing Stance - UBER's Josh Gold

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of the top items on governor Cuomo's state of the state address yesterday was the expansion. A ride sharing its. Helpful for people who go out. And may have a few drinks it's actually. Safer toward drunk from a drunk driving point of view. It makes total sense. However. It's not allowed in upstate New York. Because requires a vote of the legislature. But meanwhile it is a loud and downstate New York. This is one of those examples my friends. Where it is a just and own fair due rally. And we are joined right now on the line by Josh gold of Hoover Josh thanks so much for joining us and don't want to get your just initial thoughts when you hear that from the governor. Yesterday you know he has supported it in the past. I think you and we're really grateful to the governor for making this a priority. This year. He had been reported in the past the idea that it does it address. A big part of this because of buffalo. Eagle two this stay in the weather center this big priority for him. Making sure that I figure there's actually this game absolutely no doubt that you are you and that 47 other states in the country stealth. Josh how soon. Are you being told this might get done here. Well you know all of these things. We're hoping that. There's an opportunity to get this done early but there's always. The budget that you had it Roland. Doctors. An opportunity to do it in danger. Oh were you hopeful. I guess. What were you thinking last year at the end of two when he sixteen they were talking about possibly a special session. Were you hopefully to get done then and if you were. Are are you going into this year thinking well they almost had a special session. Why can't we just get this through when the first couple months. Yeah I would wanna get it done quicker bird they. But in buffalo Rochester there used an alternate. People who he they're down eight. Friends and relatives. People use the service when they travel to other state. Al are older we get it done as quickly as possible. We know what to date I've developed to ensure unity Carter. If you get going with that clip that New Yorkers. Don't let your outlook which is go home to to buffalo and hope it happens and I think. You know right now I have for a the pressure on our assembly members or senators. To get this done because he clearly. Over 80% of Yorkers opposite clear that this is the owner the buffalo community leaders throughout Western New York or years. Editorial board. Have our institution and Yorker style or whatever or and don't I've heard the level that you don't listen to them and get something done. Are with the with respect to the negotiations for at how will the plan for right cheering upstate differ from the one and that's RD in place in New York City. One of the big differences that you're full time. Commercial driver is happy by terror and Merkel assured that the Brooklyn we operated forties and others it. And current pop up or went out and make. Certainly a double a lot of people without. What do you signed up to drive throughout the rent this day. It didn't we wanted to be as good birdie on paper or another record company. Let up by the current office. Twenty news what part of tax vocal but let us by the insurance all of that region. Being diverted those costs rather than god you argue that hurt it by ten hours a week. Add to that couple I do mugger you twenty or thirty hours. What with what you've seen and heard out of Albany so far this year are are there regulations they're proposing in line. With what you guys so with what a company like lists who wants to have been placed operate. In New York State or are there still things you're looking to push back out. The early things that we think. To better serve the interest of the consumers. But we understand that the negotiations there I think that we're gonna like American Idol finished at our biggest goal is to get something done into the debated in. At all three years. I think your as the entire Olympics are not there. Just for glad you could join us this morning thanks so much. That's Josh gold with blooper.

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