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Confirmation Hearings and More - Dave Levinthal

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is here from the Center for Public Integrity in Washington at David before we get into that the president's farewell address tonight. Let me ask you about Governor Cuomo who's been our focus this morning he. Can Elena splashy state of the state speech yesterday is he on the national radar for a run for president 22 money. If it's never too early to start laying the foundation for your political future. Of course I think if you talk about potential Democrats are running in 120 am. Do we really wanna do that right now but if we are. Yeah of course see you somebody who is a prominent name. Mario Cuomo's father had a dalliance with the presidency during his time in office and here at Cromwell is definitely as prominent Democrat. Is really the Democrats have going post Obama in post Clinton so sure he's going to be somebody who every time we talk about. What democratic gonna run next time around here in Washington DC they're gonna talk about Andrew Cuomo. On that short list will he do it is this something that figures actively considering doing that as pure speculation at the structure but yet it may have to be in X. You mentioned is it too early Democrats have to be kind of thinking about this out loud together with each other getting their ducks in a row so to speak for the next run and it right. Well it may be purely for the public and using it there are probably look like I like oh my god you're talking about 120 at the collective we haven't you that night doctorate. On yet by. You better believe that the Democrats are absolutely thinking about that and plotting for two years from now on even warriors are now how they're gonna win back the White House how they're gonna win back. Congress and in the context of that means like. Andrew Cuomo are absolutely gonna come up in. They're really looking to Democrats that that is for a start to somebody you he is younger somebody who is ever percent of their next generation of Democrats and you know Bernie Sanders is very going to be put an eighty by the time election rolls around Hillary Clinton will be under seventy is it realistic prevent that. And yet another. I get a crack at that probably not that there's going to have to be something that happens between Taliban and other really sponsors that next generation Democrats. Are on the Obama farewell speech tonight in Chicago what are you expecting. Don't expect that to be some big problem bashing speech that is very focused on the here and now. Expect the try you expect Obama to try to be. A little bit more transcendent and map or in the book it's not. This past eight years or him to really play up these successes and hear it in his mind that Nike hat. Is president but also appear to be very future talking about that democracy at all the United States. In the world and freedom and the independence. These are going to be seen as broad themes that you can expect him to get in some form or fashion but. Again don't expect this to really be focused much on Republicans are Donald Trump at all. Okay confirmation hearings kick off with Jeff Sessions how much of a fight are Democrats going to put up. Right away today may be pulled off a little bit for us some of the ones still to come or. Is it all in right now trying to law hold up extend. The hearing for sessions. It's difficult that they could see exactly what's going to happen maturity have somebody such as senator Cory Booker future eight. Coming out guns a blazing against Jeff Sessions and you can expect that at least some Democrats. We're gonna put up in major fight does that you know we're gonna keep rail is patient now it doesn't mean nabbed by you can be talk about something that there is going to be at Berry. Contentious. I'm very hurt by. Battle for him to ultimately get there's. Appointments the Democrats are at least hamstrung a little bit in the sense that they don't have the I'd be filibuster in the way for nominations that they at a pass because an act that Democrats are certainly back that. Going to be a little bit easier for Republicans now they get people. Into the cabinet positions that they want but the same time too that doesn't mean. But the rhetoric and that doesn't mean bad as the nomination process itself is going to be any less dramatic expect some fireworks here. Dave do these confirmation hearings for each of these nominees to they last longer than a day. Make him night and day again it's difficult that kind of pregame exactly how long these are going to take. War exactly. Who's going to ask what question. Yet that you could be talking about multiple pages but not necessarily. Are at Dave Leventhal was senior political reporter at the Center for Public Integrity Dave thanks so much as always for coming on.

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