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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Reax To Stte of the State: State Senator Tim Kennedy

Reax To Stte of the State: State Senator Tim Kennedy

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joined now by state senator Tim Kennedy who is paying close attention to the governor's state of the state address the yesterday at UB north. I wanted to start off with this point that don't think a lot of people were expecting. Him to announce proposal. For expanding the metro rail. Did you expect to hear the governor put his support behind bat project and just how likely are we deceived them move forward in the next year. Well good morning Brian Hughes then I was very very pleased to hear many of these look forward. In the governor's state of the state including the expansion of light rail. You know the more we can. Looking at investment into our infrastructure that the public transportation more were recognized the need for it in Buffalo, New York we have an aging light rail system. It's over thirty years shall we need to make a strategic investment here actually we keep it's where are kept. The ball forward throughout our community. We wanna be able to make sure network connecting folks. Would they created as he's created a portability and secure their large metropolitan cities it's our cities expanding. Tim another transportation proposal is right sharing which the governor mentioned as well yesterday. How confident are you that this is gonna get done in and Powell will get done do you think. Yeah I want very confident we're gonna get right sure it's no. I and others in the Western New York delegation there. Major proponent of getting Wilbur and left another sort of right church service this year to our community. And the fact that hasn't gotten done quite frankly is unacceptable. It should have been done in the last legislative session at what we have another opportunity. And now over the course of the last six months our community has really has not entry that message forward. That bringing home over and left to right sharing services of buffalo western new York and upstate. Just as they have it in downstate in other areas of the country is a huge priority for. It's gonna help put the easy transportation. It's gonna help wit. Job creation in our community and it's gonna bring. Buffalo western new York and upstate once again. In two. The 21 century as other communities are and and it's absolutely huge priority for us I'm very choppy and we're gonna get it done special with the governor back into struggling to yeah. So you're standing with a lot of other people say they're confident it'll be done but I guess the question remaining is. When now when can we expect this to be done is had a top priority and even if it is how long might that process take. Yet that's a great question Brian. Here's what I'll tell you it was aren't the rules committee that was passed. In that these updates senate yesterday so. Through the first day of the legislative session a we were over the past. Ride sharing through the senate rules committee sorts keyed up it's ready to be passed through the senate in it all session at any moment in time. It still has to get through the assembly committee process and then ultimately that the court some quick. Four vote but it's moving very quickly in the senate side debt and now. I'm gonna continue to put pressure on my colleagues in the senate and the assembly. To this as quickly as possible. It one other thing I want to bring up if I can free tuition of the governor mentioned 85% of Western New York families would qualify so that question as. Who's gonna pay for this. And yet that that's requests as well look we have a 150 plus billion dollar project. And we have to make our children's education a top priority I was pleased to hear a couple of things that the governor talked about yesterday. Including enhancing the amount. A funding that we're going to be getting in the upcoming budget he's going to be releasing. At a record levels for public education for our kids we have to continue to invest in our children. In our children deserve the right to world class education and the reality is many working class Shalit Cuba toward popular kids that kind of opportunity. Or their child does go to pursue that higher education and let them out a debt ark and into adult and also has decades in the after they've completed that education. So true the governor's proposal we're sending. Revolutionary message of sorts to our kids at each hand. Obtain that education and we do care about that it's can we want to support that it quite frankly the size two in. Stealing did I get an opportunity to really giving everyone across the State of New York. The idea of hope. That there are hoping their future that they do their work in school coming up through the young ages into young adulthood that they can pursue. In their education the higher level and goal and obtain a job. And become active members of society in all of that happened. Which C ability to afford that education and that's what we're trying to do our state senator Tim Kennedy.

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