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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Trump Cabinet Confirmations - ABC's Stephanie Ramos

Trump Cabinet Confirmations - ABC's Stephanie Ramos

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joined now by ABC news correspondent in Washington Stephanie Ramos and Stephanie. The confirmation hearings get kicked off today in a big. Way is there. Might be this might be the most contentious. Of the whole bunch right with Jeff Sessions a first in line. Absolutely. It's a busy week here on Capitol Hill. And Jeff Sessions Alabama senator Jeff Sessions take takes the hot seat. This morning at 9:30. Eastern time here and Prez it's he's president elect Donald Trump's pick for attorney general. Seoul. This isn't the first time this is the first time around for sessions back in 1986. Sessions was nominated by the president Ronald Reagan and for a federal judgeship. And failed to get confirmed by the senate following testimony that he had me at disparaging racist comments. Sell. We may hear. Won't you know I'm pretty I'm pretty confident we'll hear a lot more about had this morning. Fitting senator her New Jersey senator Cory Booker will actually be testifying against sessions which is unprecedented because it's it's. It's really unusual foray an actual son as a sitting senator to justify another against another senator Ernie. Well how aggressive are you hearing that Democrats may be regarding sessions. I'm a while they've been preparing four for quite some time preparing their questions and and preparing her for this this process. You know it's sit for jury throughout these confirmation hearings C they take time and it's. I think it'll be it they will be pretty aggressive on and trying to to really get a feel for. Jeff Sessions and and where he stands now I mean we we've heard the letters have been sent. To add to the senate judiciary committee for instance gold star father 'cause your con we heard from him over the summer he. Spoke at the DNC and then. It was a kind of a back and forth between the com family and Donald Trump. Can they back then he sent a letter to the GA the Senate Judiciary Committee members opposing senator sessions confirmation he says. Thirty years ago. A bipartisan group of senators rejected mr. sessions nomination to be a federal judge his record and then. And this is a quote his records and then does not give us any reason to believe that the senators were in error. So old I am we will hear from. The folks that that it's a stand by that belief. Is this going to be the first though in the kind of a long line of people taking their times with these confirmation hearings seldom are we expecting. And then so it kind of go on as long as Democrats can possibly extend them for. Is a isn't clear I mean to defer today there are two confirmation hearings for a sessions and also for our retired at. Marine general John Kelly bats as set to start at 3:30 afternoon eastern time. So that's good for today but it's it's a very busy week tomorrow. The Rex Tillerson. We'll take the seed he's nominated for secretary of state and Mike Pompeo for CIA director so. I I'm I'm sure there's a set time I'm not sure how longer. Supposed to go or not supposed to go past that. For today it's on its booster. Hurry stuff and we appreciate the time. And will be listening for your coverage today Stephanie Ramos in Washington she'll be covering the confirmation hearings today for Jeff Sessions for attorney general and for. General John Kelly tapped to be the director and secretary of Homeland Security.

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