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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>State of the State Decoded - Jimmy Vielkind

State of the State Decoded - Jimmy Vielkind

Jan 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jimmy feel kind this year the Albany bureau chief for Politico dot com. Jimmy the governor yesterday announced free tuition right chairing an expanded metro rail for buffalo. What's the chance that any of this gets done. Well it's. It's unclear you've been noticed that during his speech yesterday which was a packed house so yeah university of pot was performing arts center. There were local dignitaries local officials that there were no state lawmakers. And certainly not their leaders at least because Karl XP senate majority leader charred twenty. Look at bill package opening epic chapel. Essentially boycotting. What the Republican leaders have considered to be a formal public relations looks at peace speeches. Got the governor of course needs Lloyd the legislature enact his policies. He's lawmakers that he sent out his budget should be about a 150 billion dollars. And he started the year and are very rocky route and so are right shared. The orbiter as we've known for a long time so supporter of the topics. But the way you framed it in his speech was as one over regional discrimination. He said this allowed their statement not a great. I'm not pollution that's going to be an argument that resonates with the leaders of the legislature who come from well I was in York city. And they're in terms of the 500 million dollars of the buffalo billion squared. That where announced. It's going to be harder than it has been in the past to win support in the legislature for programs like back. But just because of the cost them because the state budget in trader position that it has been in recent years. But also because of the corruption scandal. Which has led to ten people be indicted. Including executives and help he should you know he and the leader of student Polytechnic institute those people of course involved in the nature's source city archery at river. And though he did not. Out on their ride sharing issue on how likely are legislators to. Hold that up in a dispute with the governor because. I mean. The calls for it across upstate are tremendous seven and a half to mention that legislators from across upstate. A really want to get this past how likely are we see that happen soon or could this a little spat with the governor really tie things up. What brought under the and then heard of them but maybe I'm pretty scared he feels about legislation. A bill to authorize right sharing companies like Hooper left was bottled up in the field last year and shoot at the capitol. There's a dispute over how much insurance there should be or the trips that they ago. There are it's so clear to people keep look why don't we have this what do we have expert. Concluded Albany lobbyists in trial lawyers and insurance companies and listing taxicab company. All have their state they all out there hoax and he's kind of legislation and it's a tricky thing to get our. So I think there are very real issues. That still need to be worked the question of whether there will be sales tax on these trips or that there will be some sort of looked he would resist the what is it directed. There will be questions as to the background checks were potential number of looks drivers should they be interpreted. As some Arab companies are calling for and are they calling them because of their general and so the public's safety. Or the new interest because they think it's a poison pill that they have to stop companies from expanding increasingly very existing franchise and their existing. There's this there's so I think that there are a lot of issues that still need to be resolved. We still have he actual detailed legislation from the governor's office about this corporal archer and I think that that'd be necessary first. But. On top of that the personality conflicts I think all we make it more difficult this year. Jimmy is almost setting himself up for a run for president. Certainly think that there was some national audience says it was a national underpinning to the state of the state speech as we saw yesterday. The two of them both local particularly in New York City. The governor did mention Donald Trump by name he is not really been attacking the president actually some Democrats are. Poor children from the governors of focus working class voters and particularly when working class voters who are. Doesn't seek a political genius to realize. Really fuel Donald Trump's rise to the White House structures to New York but across the country. And sweeping hook almost saying it didn't win the election Democrats lost it in key. Trying to position himself as a prominent Democrat who might run intricate twenty is trying to offer policy solution and a policy antidote. Mean the problem that rent Trump's rise. Hey now we've been hearing about this says buffalo billion squared. He calls it says 500. Million dollars a bunch of different projects for buffalo law among them over here expansion the metro routes and a big issue here for a lot of years. But I have to imagine that day you touched on it earlier I'm not just with the the buffalo billion scandal going down with pre per hour investigating. Projects linked to the original program but. Just the thought of giving more money to buffalo it hasn't been that many years after the buffalo billion. Our lawmakers going to be hesitant to send more money to the exact same place regardless of the corruption scandal going on. You know I think that there is the standard geographic. Cheaper than their children that that comes in the play. And if you look you're other areas of the state they are more needy. Buffalo's economy when compared to the other metropolitan regions of upstate New York has done relatively well. And a big part of that is a lot of the construction. Fueled by state money app projects we'll let riverbed about sort city's site but also to buffalo Niagara medical shipments. Who the things of course that at this seat long ago that turned out to blossoming into corruption. So I think that perhaps there's a better case to put a bigger investment in Binghamton right. Our economy that is likely boast a or perhaps into Utica. We're player and floor chipped again what do the brainchild of Sunni pollutant that same entity that was caught up in this corruption and the prince with a chip that collapsed. And did so in December. So. You'd believe you re welcome to question two people on their chests for. At the end of the day all politicians like to see shovels in the ground equipment to cut from the usually put these things through. I I do think it'll be a little bit harder. Let and I don't. Don't necessarily. There's going to be the real progress with this clear and that was the seed in the first round syndicate so. A wider shot. And the bodies are not true but you will be. Jimmy we're glad to get join us thanks. It's Jimmy Villepin the Albany bureau chief for Politico dot com.

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