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1-9 The Bauerle and Bellavia Show Hour 4

Jan 9, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB yen when I check out I give you carte Blanche the day it happens to adjust it totally irreverent jokes depends how you guys. If it's like a Segway ball enough clip it. You know that's okay. Well. Yeah. But it. It's come to our lady descended tip to the emergency room. For treatable illness like as. The look taken up a hospital bed they caution when it's your business giving him treatment earlier. And they got some treatment and abrupt want. Indeed in Colombia as our nation honors it's unbroken line of fallen heroes and I see many of them in the audience here today its hourly and ability. It left. Until he saw out. I don't what they thought like you thought on news radio 930 day. Yeah I don't think I've ever. It is our ability. Regulatory WBE. All vitally important though this is not a commercial but David. Did you at the moment we were. Go ahead we. Like. Zillions of listeners and awkward as Saturday night. It'll awkward little joint call attitudes in block port. David cannot even begin to tell you how many people listen to this program. It. They. Are shocking. Something else. I told you this was gonna happen. Winners David. Where's it's expected that if I go out to watch him while you are going to be with me in fact what happens people expect you to. They shopping in the house you know they're such there's a story that's breaking and the Associated Press right now which is something that I am. I'm actually flabbergasted by this because. I don't working. Within this group that. This charity that are that are Iran. Which is impact America on the power grid securing our great. Not doubt Travis talked about a trillion dollars towards. Critical infrastructures. Bridges roads and the power grid is that it expert that is close to a sex Killian. But here's what's crazy. The Obama administration had a last second decision moments ago has instructed US Homeland Security. Secretary Jay Johnson. To literally. Take the election. To make. The national association of secretaries of state the US Election Assistance Commission essentially. They want to make the elections of the United States eight critical infrastructure. Which would mean. That they would fall under the election system. Would fall under the the protection of the US Homeland Security. I mean this is just. Literally nothing no one. September 11 ever thought. The Homeland Security would be running our elections. This one it's it's just the cult law also Oprah grabs like the Patriot Act but only that. What it does to actual critical infrastructure that need protection. Our power grid water utilities. Our bridges and roads all this money that Donald Trump is. Now is another slice out of that trillion dollars and maybe making sure that people who wanna kill us before they even set foot on American soil are brought in his so called refugees and it puts exactly put more burden on public security can now watch our own and what is this all this is crazy and I'd I'd literally expected almost anything but. A 185000. Precincts spread over 9000. Stations. Are are now going to be decentralized. Now. What this is dot I mean what's the point of having a board of elections I mean that get rid of all of it just let. DHS do it put put forth TSA officials in our and that that'll solve everything. But it's a stupid you know what went you know we did do a show of support this week about. What will Obama do next before he leaves office this is huge I mean this is huge the the effect that this will have. Across the board not always cutting the things that we don't need to have but quite frankly it's taking this. Who is proof that Russia has done anything in the election process nobody it's been about a leaked email a series of email account noticed talked about the actual vote. If people in Georgia did you vote for the guy you want it yes you voted for the guy a lot of your voted for Hillary you vote for Donald Trump. Pushing the winning GA just involved in this. I mean it's just ridiculous well apparently. Well Obama does what are people at the border doing anything to protect the borders of at least apply to different jobs for them exactly exactly that's what they're supposed to be doing but my god Butler. Again Obama we need to talk more about what he's going to do for his final balling of America as we as we get closer to that. We're talking about a couple of things that won the heckling of Governor Cuomo today in buffalo guy who's gonna talk to his next live on the air about why he did what he step and via whenever vacations public. And whether or not it was bell bullet. That's the word coined by the way by the buffalo board of education novelist. At least only begin to Streep and her annoying performance at the Golden Globes haven't been touched on it yet but before we go to the heckler I think we should probably played audio of the heckling. And I think that hagel or after the heckling should reduce the Merle Streep. Let's let's play emerald street reduce the same page got it just load up the ball like okay so cut number one this is the heckler with who will speak next. This will be well not your cup number one this is the network is the heckler cut the heckler cut from today. The wise men. What we should there. Okay. So far. Yet so I had at. Niagara Falls. And make it nice there. And I had. That was a mic who's gonna join us next now. Before we go to that. We want your calls that you know 330. Start buried at 180616. WB yen because it worked and you might have heard people talking about the Golden Globes last night I frankly couldn't care less about award shows but. Rural street. Again is just chasing. She's chasing a dead rabbit down a black Alley witness repeating. Double life. Only job is to end the lives of people who are different from us. And let you feel what I feel like. And there were many many many powerful performances this year that did exactly that breathtaking compassionate work. But there was one performance this year and stunned me. Hit it thank you touched my heart. Not because it was good. It was it was something good about it. But it was effective and it did its job. It made its intended audience laugh. And show their teeth. It was that moment. When the person asking to sit. In the most respected seat in park tree imitated a disabled recorder. Someone he out ranked in privilege power and the capacity. To fight back she getting emotional orgasm. Kind of broke my heart. And I saw that I still can't get out of my head because it wasn't in. Shut up shut up. Straight the people voted for Donald Trump gets what people pay twelve dollars to see what a huge. When your crappy movies probably eighteen yeah what did you play they wanted to play a rock star again with family issues at all boy that was a big. You know she also said that if we kick foreigners out you have nothing. To watch but football mixed martial arts which are not the arts. So people like MMA and footballer budget hillbillies in. Yeah I want to ask what it is an art form and call martial arts for a reason. It's just doubled it did the by the way the reason why Donald Trump was elected is because all of the usual elitism of Hollywood. Yeah it was actually there hi I wanna devote multiple times because of Hollywood actors filming not Ayman and we've also got audio ethnic from the art not war in nitro what we can get easily art work Donald Trump basically a bunch of these idiots celebrity's thing the congress needs to stand up to Donald Trump. Let's go to Nicklaus all of its net heckler WB yeah. The boys. So give us the behind the scenes story. Well let my wife. That creates is not. Tackled well for. A lottery based. Tech dot com. I get away and I got you know that Tom. That I got a ticket. I'm sure that was a really hot commodity. Its who wants to see the state of the state. While waiting in line to balance. The whole law. I decided that golf originally went in Geneva girl it's not like look it's one minute fame. It is yeah articles some earlier today. Opposition. Or properties it is obedience to god like and great at something and let that be war when you know can you think things were actually true. So I and and it was hard to sit through. And what I did what I wore. Not Roger obviously com all right on what article sure. Oh and I want I got an airing Cuomo took the podium today. The blue shirt off and all kind I mean called one more note that regulate these glaring hole. All we gotta okay hold on we we have to pick this story up after traffic and weather but one of the questions and answer when we come back is. Why did you select the color shirt you selected because it didn't look kind of like the carpenters union shirts. And as you've probably heard earlier on one of my dear friends is one of the big shots in the current junior. I'm so I'll just I thought that was ironic so hold of the locally where let's get back to Nicholas who tackle Governor Cuomo during Governor Cuomo is buffalo appearance today will play UV relevant parts about audio. To otherwise submit what we should do. Okay. So far. So I have. Niagara pools. May learn. That's that's the good stuff they're first of all the shirt you're selected Nicklaus was that dumb because you knew that the carpenters guys had similar colored shirts or was that just by coincidence. No I didn't know that you're either today. I only had one caller almost at all. Appropriate or spurred us. So it just was a coincidence. Right OK I had asked that question for my friend down. Aren't sure. Just kind of skate by any. Armed group McCain didn't and adore. All right Smart thinking Smart thinking and them how close were you two were the governor was speaking. You surprisingly acting out maybe I don't know eight to enroll. From the podium. We're used center right left. I wired right from the podium. OK so if Governor Cuomo was looking eight to ten rows deep and off to his. ER Al. Our great EIL and and I actually leaned out. I. All this can be worked out any debt up to what a horrible setup of your Cuomo well yeah. Yeah biggie and it is okay that this is this is like the feeling I get if IC Steely Dan and I get front row right in front of Donald Fagan okay it gives me that special kind of feeling so anyway. Nicklaus at what point did you decide it was time to tackle and how did you figure out which are gonna say. You know what I I just added com and provide a I you know it takes a much seeing what I it was courageous dot com. It takes. A little bit of courage to do let me let your product in all 34000. People that just think that Cuomo can't do any wrong and your whole paper stands up and that's. All it took balls here Nicklaus hit it took a great deal of testicular fortitude and by the way your wife also exhibited. Fortitude. During that protest last week where your wife and her other friends were called quote stupid white bitches at that rally against racism. So. So you're there you're leaving out into the pile this did not work out any better had you paid somebody to do it. And were you waiting for him to put up the ball well million. You know what I guess. Because like I said I I had to improvise because it was great thing. Fall and I knew how to defeat opposition obviously salt. When you are talking about the awful billion it and all Kurt and all men. Are grown involvement and it. I thought that I was the perfect opportunity you know armed. They would I want to say about it and all it is under investigation and are like eight better earlier and shoulder the Lotto ball. You know corruption behind. You know hall. These contractors were able to get these agreements are for the building. And Internet corruption surround it with. And that got him necklace see. That's his Achilles heel in New York's it is the corruption investigation and when you named it when you when you said corrupt and what you said Ferrara. I'm talent and his voice there was hesitation and it was almost like the formal we got the day. After the indictments when he came to the Albright Knox over rated modern art crap gallery. It is if he was flustered by questions and to. Like Paul I I actually screamed at them and Hollywood and what are you. Com. And and to redirect welcome all the callers and two at a conference. Call meeting and that being on a spot. Law I'd thought that the record straight I I write that bill. From the union he called. Alms. And said at a Lebanese are glad that's. You'd did not yell drop dead it didn't sound like your voice you have to kind of like it fits your voice but yes you do not yell drop dead. Or and we have corroboration. From a guy who doesn't agree with your politics my friend bill. So here's here's my question if you make is that. I I don't know I don't. But here's my game I think for unit is it. So you eat. Governor formal make eye contact with you he seizure shared this on right. Or at once obvious that he's done that you would think that someone would at least be prepared for that. You know to be like a guy takes up assured you know. During the war all these code pink or straight to chill but all these things and they were removed the jacket wearing pink and they put opting tiara and it's like okay. They're about to put red paint on their hands and say your blood on your hands and you would prepare for an attack like that if Governor Cuomo was prepared for what you mean what you set was not that offense. It was that offensive at all but he sounds like I mean you went on to say that buffalo would billion ride in that billions squared as well buffalo is getting I mean you made to make. Too ridiculous mistakes you've made custom yeah. He probably made it out sitting next to do is keep that are awful billion right now. The urban ranked. We we said the same thing and then people are tax board have been repeatedly pointing out that they billions weird is not too. Up Nicklaus all of that. I mean you're more important right now the Merle Streep. So I mean what I'm asking you as we get back to you following the news break. Ought to wrap it okay and I don't I don't want you guys to have like a squabble tonight. In your household because. You know your wife had more airtime than you did on the buy hourly and television show so basically I we're we're just trying to we're trying to promote domestic tranquility. Aren't such vote anywhere. But there's mixed the heckler he'll be back with a senders reunited thirty WB yet it's our William bell Libya and we still have Meryl Streep collisions and as well. So we set a buffalo. Billion. Whoa I've only been wrong. Billion is a serious. Number. It is that. This is like that. Europe. All right thank you up like Batman and Kevin minority that's but it is earlier the joke is I mean the referenced earlier that I surrendered my evil German control over the music bombs of the program. I have turned them over to mr. indoors that mr. Bragman. And television. Hourly ability of fame and again thank you via many people in lock for the made me feel it African star. And Saturday night and it was just so nice to meet people and seriously. I used to be a total debt when I was out. I'm not that way anymore so don't ever feel that you can't say hey you know we get a picture or hey what's up because I dig that really enjoyed meeting you guys that was not true. Yours ago and have worked very hard to change that. And I'm really honored that you guys. Treat me the way you do that you were it means a lot to thank you much and I'm glad I changed. You can change and about it. Let's go back to because it makes things a lot more enjoyable. Which I had African posse did a posse of body guards everywhere. All right let's go to. I said posse let's go to work Nicklaus the heckler and Williams will once again that was I've mentioned your wife I said. What I like about your heckling was the part where you were specific. About the corruption. And about Ferrara or. And I mean I thought that was a whole run I thought that wagered a game and you actually got all bull I think flustered work flummoxed when you were doing. In retrospect. And it's always easy to New Hampshire quarter but in retrospect do you think if you would stave that that likely would have been more effective or did you. Do you have a mission accomplished. Com I don't know that over the mission accomplished I mean I eat like Edgar they're. You thing that I could go all they cannot Wear. Cuomo all won wildly pro testing them and tackling and on the Vettel came up and that's the way I dropped the ball. The only reason I get a little fill and by calling him a traitor to New York State two and and a tire and buy it because I feel that he is the greater. Law in your state constitution and our home so why I can at that data that still want and the outside and yeah. The holes that you know. But the audio that first part of the audio wise right talked about him now it corruption. Law. Looming over him and Ali and the awful billion. Our adult walking out I guess. I guess that I did some don't want stop I was being Matt what armed opposition from people any idol calm he'll be named them. Omelet would ever and. Here I hope they didn't call you stupid white bitch. All all laid out here is because your wife and her courageous friends from last week I think that's a title they can actually Wear with pride going in to eight din of hundreds of people. As basically people we're supporting curls for human rights. Right yet exit at another situation like you know actually and I think what we're talking about because Karl all a lot of rock and all nit thing you know 450. Million dollar an awful school district there at the lot a lot of corruption that surrounds. On the name and an Alley wall mall and the awful school districts all are I think it all and I than what. You know the same story. Armed and you know that that caller bill marketed you'll be at it and bought. Not yet understand that. A lot of these contracts and like like they'd mention that you know big pretty much say in the country expert who would get gold. Bad I'm nine union company can't pay these project I worked nonunion construction at the former for twenty years. And I know that we're reputable company and we could do well is. Beat union guys. Look I you know I I think Bill Maher is is doing the right thing and as I point out the the requests for proposals at least that one case as was pointed at the time of indictment all of those people who of course are innocent until and unless proven to me in the eyes of the law. I mean it was all about a major component of it was you you've written out. A request for proposals. So you can bid on something and yet the only company that could possibly bid is this company that can expect all this money to meet in the Democrat party. There's something fundamentally. Corrupt appearing about the. Format exactly right now and that's that's fundamental difference that I am what formal hand. On the union I'd like at that at a I don't ebony paper for the union. But I just don't like the crops connect complex aspect of it in and the aspect though cult. On the money was. Award at city contractor. Armed like etc. my company is non union and we do get as well as you own union so. And I am just so we're clear just so we're clear I am on your side I'm bet on that issue. You know I mean you're obviously your friend of the show your wife is a friend of the show. The guy who called in from the union he is a personal friend author and I you know I just felt. That it was important for me to be honest with people and say look there is a pre existing personal relationship I had with bill and his wife Courtney. So I would rather just be up front about that and the truth is right I have a very hard time. Confronting somebody over politics when we don't talk politics off the air a lot. And win you know just at his house and they were just mind your auto sales. Sure I have a lot of union and. And yet as sort of saying is yeah it was a pussy interview I did but in general I'm not a spineless person. Not while CC now build it and understand the relevance to what IndyCar at what an informed and it Noelle I'll stick in the contract that I know. On you'll everyone owl and making that only possible for one developer to get there in the contract. Arnold with the awful schools to all improvement and a ball all schools. Where you know in New York City and not Erie county gets sort of blank track to one developer. Well thank god that Carl is is pointed that out and thank god by the way we've got a guy whose life isn't the lieutenant governor of New York State at the other end of the state. Who coached a US probe into it. And the only thing I don't like about pre Ferrari is the guy who's given him political cover all along is Chuck Schumer. You don't go after the people are has gone after unless you've got somebody on top who is. Shall we say. Your own little glossy body but who's giving you an umbrella of cover open its network. And I just I wondered on the line what is gonna oh sure but maybe we're just putting the cart in front of the worse. Right yeah I fear I fear that through myself arms so I mean EDS. Is let the people he's allowed to go after an analyst series you don't kinda have to. You know throw the towel and. Yup and by the way there is precedent for that if you go back and you look at the prosecution of the mob in New York City during the 1940 shall find that there. Tom Dewey Thomas Dewey for whom threw way is is name. Thomas Dewey went after a lot of mob big shots the most notable. Let people book called her. Who was the only syndicate leader of that stature ever to go to the electorate cheer but. Do we also took heed. As did the mayor of New York City for not going after some of the other mob big shots I believe Albert Anastasia was one of them. They are pretty much left alone. And there was some talk that he just had way too much Jews politically to be gone after. And that the mob itself sacrifice book called her because he was creating too much heat nobody can make any money. So what the point is. Is that. Prosecutors throughout the ages people ask questions about that OK why did you go after this person and the other person. Correct and I guess we'll never know the answer. You know here's why don't take time and heckling neck you know heckling is is root your interrupting someone while they speaking. And you should be ashamed of yourself for doing that. But when you look at what your other her resources are to basically say why the only one here that's not. We just incensed at what I mean do we have a governor that does not do town hall meetings. He doesn't open up the Florida here people from the other side he's essentially told people like you and me and other people who think like us that we're well. Oh come in his study. He should we have to move to one another steady we can not welcome media because of the way that that we think can believe so we have hell. What else can you do in a nonviolent way paid to protest what you think is unconstitutional. Outrageous. Yet we don't have many sources. To uphold. Backed government backed governor I mean are we take to it baseball soccer trying to educate our brand body allowed it aren't even in it anyway. And he doesn't read as FaceBook he's a tower he doesn't look in his Twitter doesn't spike he doesn't respond to people who confront him ideologically and today. He was forced to confront it and he acted like a little girl and by the way our anti analysts say differently in February 2013 were I was in Albany and David your banker at the radio station Cuomo he eat he hiked the Albany before her Alley didn't wanna see 101000 people saying. He was a gun grabbing tyrant. Nicholas anything else that you wanna say but that we have not specifically asked. It is there anything you wanna say that we and after. Are all now know I just wanted to kind of picture you know any any car. Questions. Are you getting a nick are you getting harassed on Twitter right now from the opposite side. You know what I don't I don't Twitter march our FaceBook a lot of baseball and I'm sure my opinion on FaceBook but that about it. I guess that was getting grip on Twitter got a couple my friends you don't tax me into it was but I'm you know I really don't do things are popular. Kenyan roots. I would say that you know it didn't bite my quantity Brent has been a big concern is the quality might find that concern me. I'm starting. Their opinion I don't really you know I don't or we can get much doubt it not changed don't call that an enemy in all. You have to put a ribbon out somewhere and standard. Does that gets what concerns s.'s Nicklaus you just got through saying it's not the quantity of friends it's the quality of your friends and here you were talking with Tom and David on the radios or your judgment might putrid suspect. While few good minutes and you know even as our hero stole Aum. Silly thing to do it in my car on the arms. Your be your very kind nick here's the deal man I thought. You don't you could've used a profanity you could've made a fool out of yourself. You could evolve hurt someone you couldn't have been cut everything that we've seen in this trump campaign for the last eighteen months. Where people have abused their opportunity to either jump onstage or tried to the microphone what they from the governor or try to is you know and take over his personal space you do any of that and so while what I'll tell you is is that if there is a way that you're gonna protest something. That to me is an honorable way to protest. And stop by the way by the way. In your home tonight who feels more like the king the queen you. Or your wife after your wife's name last week and her courage and and your heckling today who is is the King of the Hill right now. Well Nancy is the more conservative one I mean I'm like some kind quote these are very comic called myself and service period because I have. Bombs some libertarian tendencies I guess like Erik Paul someone else I'd demand pre come to us our goal and an act that's kind of where. You know I might differ a little bit wet Republican values of all libertarian values. Salt. You know I don't know you know who it is what it is. Well that you guys are a lot of fun and it all again cheers to you guys again at some point we'll still have time to get to that Bernie Sanders town hall meetings they sat at the end at about twenty minutes. We'll probably is that nick wanted me to meet his wife at one point like that last week that that was finally had just gone through break up just one would be an insult but I hope packages to see you guys again. I'd like you know I chaos you really are. Like listening here call and I wish he'd always been a conservative and always been listening to talk you know all talk radio Ol and com do a lot of different things. And I didn't know we were behind but yet you don't call that I'm power at all. But Roy Nichols took the other protest. The DiPietro protest. That that the DP major protest with a I. Yet he should have done that in the I think that all the plays under well let's look at we're so glad you called them and asked her questions laughter pockets within richter. We we need to break or else we're going to be here in put it we're going to be intercom jail unless we break they expect lists. Today. That was not a tough enough to do. It is hourly and built it I'm not the one. I'm not the one who said that who are you littered scattered I am flattered standards all right with a Y. I ate the roster wise never hurt just we've never pulled my god and is ready at 930 WB. You end that problem is not me and the Democrats. This problem is them some notes. Art today thought they'd be an extreme conservatives. Who are right somebody. Pop Perot assault weapon. Anti gay he is that who they are because if that's who they are and if they ought to be extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. Hate speech. Hate speech. Measure of Carl Paladino told every liberal left wing abortion loving dog eating tree hugging individual to go to New York State but it wouldn't matter if Carl Paladino is not a position where that actually means something when your governor mistake I mean Donald Trump told everyone to vote for Hillary Clinton. You know welcoming United States can now. I mean what what is the bigs in the Donald Trump has committed he said that people that are legally in the United States should signs sticking guest book with the command. What what is the basket and you've been on is that in the long established to protect our border are actually be enforced I mean you would think that Meryl Streep is making this accusation. I Donald Trump. That he intentionally went after a disabled person. I want you to play with the economy and all of us but I want you don't play the a video when you get home on YouTube. Of every single time Donald Trump has made fun of somebody. Donald Trump does a very unfortunate. Act with his hand and his face when he just what he describes a stupid person. All right he doesn't think that left hander rich which is. Ebony like does this thing with us based and eyebrows were acts what he considers to be stupid I don't recommend it I don't think it's funny and it might be offensive to people. But it just so happens that he did that to someone. Who happens what MS persona that is just it it's an autoimmune disease or physical disability and people assume. Only professionalism make acrobatic act as he has done that literally for eighteen months. A bit of alcohol this year got by so fast holy crap thanks guys we love you. Other animal noises from. We'll. The bad is. That being buffalo. It seen nothing yet. Okay.

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