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1-6 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 6, 2017|

Sandy talks to renowned fitness guru Robbie Raugh about her new book and then looks at the weather mess last night.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How Paulo is reaching company and I'm sandy beach and god knows questioned whether they're Carl Paladino was at the fund raiser. For Donald from. He was it's been I'm on drugs on you was he was wearing a white coat. And he was saying did you have the chicken or would be. A but he was there he was there and tomatoes there off the record. Now now all the guys are very happy about the snowstorm because when your wife. I'll was hanging up your pants and a clause that and that received from a local motel fell out are you ask not may. I couldn't I couldn't get through to those of us always to much it was overwhelming organizer I had to get at the safety of home. Anyway it is a BG governor Tony I didn't have too much in Niagara counting. Not even enough to sweeten my drive we would broom Max. Two inches I was about it and I'm very happy to be on the outside germs in this. Now we have a special guests here at the beginning to show as a lot to do with health. Has a lot to do with fitness she is a she is it's sort of force of a fitness she really is a name is Robbie Rogers a book. Call raw truth recharge. You've seen her on TV shows her own radio show she teaches classes she's in our man. She's also and I try to figure out what this is could she never told me she's also an AAD. Now don't tell me I'm guessing that's American association. Of delightful people. Is that there. No it's bad but it got money from Iraq here. But it's practitioners. All right you into the whole thing not just that every effort or New Orleans now. And he's day I've merger brag about Robby before if you really that good answer this have you ever seen. Behind in the rovers and reporting. And obviously this is what you do and you're a good example. Of the results of following what you say and we have a good chance you'll be on the road through the showing up here for an acute. Well I will never forget ten years ago when you mention my name on the ears standing and might follow my husband sol Boehner house phone everything was blowing up. Everybody. Heard it and everybody was telling me is that I wasn't listening. The reason I the reason I mention your name was there was an article in the paper about you when your husband all right at budget for papers I do every day Obama. I'm impressed turn the page turn the page and oh my god what is this it was like wow you talk about super fitness at that that was a very compelling picture now a before we get into some of the goes over the the do's and don'ts in in your book. Let's say this people who would never think of going to a Jim. On the first day and say give me the heaviest wager guy I wanna do more sets and reps than you've ever seen before. And I'm just gonna get start I'm just gonna do it right away with no rap no stretching no doctor's visit whatever. Will willingly go out and shovel heavy snow on their driveway. A what's your recommendation if you're not in shape. On a shoveling well. You know medically speaking because some registered owners you know people are more likely to have a heart tick shoveling than they are jogging. And that the reason is it because people are and you know in condition they they haven't been exercising or perhaps they have high blood pressure high cholesterol diabetes. They have some health problems and then they go outside in freezing temperatures. Where your blood vessels are restricted. Which decreases the blood flow to the hearts and then they end up given heart to excel. They're pretty likely have a heartache if they if they start they just do something and they're not condition. Happens all the time and there's an offshoot of that though that's the first thing you think of is shoveling OK but there's another thing you wanna do the right thing you wanna be part of its name. And your neighbor's car is in a ditch and a couple of the other neighbors that weekend we don't have a Colin tow truck weekend pushed this scarlet ditch. Your absolutely out of shape you don't wanna say no. But that could put a big strain on your body. Well yeah absolutely I think scene yeah honestly people under estimate the amount of work that they're doing when they're shoveling or their helping her neighbor whatever because. You're you know into what you're doing you're not really thinking of it as a working now adored. Or lifting a tremendous amount of weight so the effort from their under estimating and are not conditions so. You can eat out of being shaped. That always surprises me rob me the difference in people's mindset as to going to a fitness senator Jim. And just being around the house they don't equate things you do around the house with the same amount of exertion and energy as you would in the gym they know when they get the gem they probably Kaczur close. There and a different place they're here for a reason and they're ready to do something as opposed to being on the house and it's second nature and your lifting and you're stretching and you're walking upstairs you walking downstairs he got a we're quite through. Right exactly you know in in in going up but now those years I think it was one of my mom's keys you know she always went up and down the stairs to live until she was 92. You know being actively that is helpful and of course you know pumping iron in all that other stuff we'll be right. I I have never seen anything like that time I visited when you're teaching a course. First of all their whole lot of people who was packed OK but ended the amount of energy that you have I mean what we see on TV we can always say okay how long did it take to shoot is. Were there re show it's it was there's over five days but I don't hobbling through your course that night maybe an hour's America. It was unbelievable I was getting tired sitting there watching. It's my body is to think we came about kick boxing class and yet as we where rocket and still keep teaching kickback in today at the ripe old age of thirty. And I law because energy produces energy that's how you get energy by exercising. Health and fitness okay people usually combine them I assume that you could be healthy and not fit. I doubt you to be fair to deny held it over you can that tell us the difference between those who. Very good question Tom you can be skinny fat so you could look like you're fit and have a high percent about if you have a risk for our hardest hit just like someone who's. You know out of shape and so. It's really your Heidi Fiat percent in the that that it the proof is in the pudding with that. You just got through. I say a couple of days ago probably the toughest period of the normal yearly calendar. The people who eat cookies with all these cookies and a week and I'll have some cookie. And you've got me cookies before that are out there and they're good luck most of its time we don't care if they're how they're going give me some more cookies. I think that if you're not a die if you need to be human diet and your not on a guy today in camera guy because everybody goes on a diet January 1 is that. Yes it's true and you know it is tough I mean I make cookies with on the flower coconut flowers things like that. But at the holidays I do go outside the lines a little bit and feel bad about it but you mean there's a Clinton got beat Democrats. Well there there let's say you know idea of gluten free. Or a negative sells I don't know 2008 I love what I asked if don't tell anybody's he had the totality of buzzer. And because you don't see jam on the MR powdered sugar usually. It's you may believe five of them thank you very much it's about you know research shows that only 8% of the people who make New Year's resolutions actually stick with them that's the I went out and to stay with them. Gonna ask you that this is a big top I'm for people to join fitness senators. We give us certificates of people as gifts or whatever and they start off with a good intentions. But it takes it takes something between the ears our commitment to stay aware of it. What is the key between people who come in there there are few weeks and you'll see him again and those who say you know what I'm seeing results I'm field where his balls and I I wanna I wanna continue this. Well you know I don't work it in the gym for 35 years and I have seen this big rush every year in the champ. And sometimes it takes people a couple of weeks or even a month to realize that they have a resolution that they can't achieve themselves and then they join the gym later. Or they start working out but really you know I think people get discouraged what they need to keep in mind is that it does take time. To get results but you are getting results than many you start exercising the minute you start eating right your blood chemistry changes. And so I wanna encourage people to do that because. You know you may not see the results but your body is getting those results in if you'd just stick with it it didn't take you you know just overnight to get. Out of shape. And it's not gonna take you just won work out to get that inch paper even direct. And so really if you just focus on your health and not the scale that's the main thing. As motivated her as a matter. Basically see how. I feel. I he's a combination yeah I you know what is you know and focusing on your healthy your doing some things of that you wake up tomorrow in your heart is beating in you have wrapping your lines and nets what. Motivates me I know that I'm improving the quality of my life the link the highlight my level of fitness my body composition in my health. Just by working out in eaten right and I wouldn't be there my kids. While others forwards in government said the U routing. Let's just. Oh. We'll be back I got a few more medicine doctor Robbie but about people oftentimes a stubborn. They do things and they don't want to change them no matter what like I don't know running outside alongside the road in the snowstorm things like people are I'm doing and I've always done it he's in common sense here. Also how cold air might affect your breathing whatever and some things in the rod troops rechargeable. A bit La Ramiro seven troops were total health and fitness will be back after this. She is a fitness and health guru. You've seen her everywhere she has. A regular guest spot on channel seven she goes there rated show on WD CX. What time is your show on in these here Saturdays at eleven senators eleven check that out you as a book. The raw truth though recharge she she teaches at various places she's done. Fitness cruises. Anything to do with fitness. She has as she has that and knows how to handle what. Now one thing Robby is I don't wanna get. Personal here but. The. I think your signature. Is are you grabs the LaMont picking up the absence being a signature we never see them. Chords on the beach at wide Kiki it doesn't happen good view did you chose to make that your signature just worked out that way is people love abs and Arabs take a lot of work. Yeah you know but I've been working out for forty years and I'm blessed that I am I still have my hands by the way and you know. I just they helped me you know that helped my act they mean they should be on him as Cisco I think you know I open about their rights I always take your your suggestion now. About though as far as working out whether you main key we talked about today so far is do not shovel unless you're in shape or doing in very small increments especially heavy wet snow. Because you're not used to it if you are useful if you're in good physical shape and and as long as your reasonable about it a you can go ahead but. The kind of things of people askew. When you're on the radio like this or you're on television or book signing or something like that. Baby boy interested in the look or the health aspect of the your books and and Watson. That's the question am I think you know early on many of us care about our looks I know that to motivate motivated me years ago by it as. We get older we realize that you know we want to be healthy we want to be there for our feeling in a lot of people's Amy you know what I don't care because. When I die I die in a CB you'd like live a long time in or not. Being well you know see white take care of yourself in and you know people just need to know and I mean the reason I came up with a seven truce for health and fitness and really. It was placed on my heart out when I was honestly pray about it I just thought. What is it that I need to tell people to help them to get in shape and it's not just about eating right exercising and it's about. Faith family food fitness deep tax sleep and stress management and how. They are all vital to your house we know that people get less than five hours sleeper per night are 27%. More likely to be overweight. And that affects your health and people will get less than six hours arm a 783 more. Percent more likely to be overweight in so your sleep you're stressed everything. He you know affects your health and so. Pete you can eat right work out but if you're living in a toxic relationship or whatever it that's what your feel is important to. And so all of these truth make us healthy and what we are. I got a question for you how much has the latest technological. Advances help you're amassing specifically about this. The UV watch type things of people were called to fit bits that measure how many steps a day you take. And now bears are very advanced they they can measure a lot of different things. And so you can actually see. The results are right there in black and white and has that helped the fitness of people. Oh absolutely wearable technology wearable technology is huge actually this year it's one of that number one in the top ten. Of fitness trends for 2017 so is virtual classes so people could take my class in Japan and if I'm stringer who live here or what he had his so. You know yes but that technology is important I don't use it as much because you know I'm Justin I bet. Moto Q I. Don't want to risk because most able to goal is and thousands of today I can't imagine how many of you. I'm guessing that if you'll earn one of those fitness during one of your classes it would it would melt. I'll write a pure as it may be I don't know I until at least curious as to worry or. And I'm via. On the charts of those then yeah board for awhile but no I'm just I'm just I just knowing need to keep movie in an eye I it works for me you know where on for obvious that the I can't ever remember what it was a lot to have a lot. I was working in Manhattan at the time so I was glossy never there was at least in five five figures again again may in this book of Iran. Our troops. Recharge seven truce for total health and fitness. What's the greatest misunderstanding. From people out there who want to get healthy one yet. One work out. And one that fitness aspect what's the greatest misunderstanding things that they if they had government view that they would think and you could correct them. Well I just talking. You know in the show water is so important in filter water. Yeah you know I mean we should be drinking half of our body we announces water per day minimum so any white way where. Don't get that. Our body weight in in in one yes I mean why should you and I we're different sizes the Indy why did you what I. Drink 88 ounce clipped the water for an eighth week it's really based on your weight where it if if I drank. Half of my body weight water I'd be called orca a mental blow hole out here between my ears. I can't come. Is that why people locker or bottles of water. He adds it should be filtered water without let chlorine of floor right so you know he. 25000. Chemicals leaked in from the ethnic into the water so we should be drinking at a grass or stainless steel battle I bought. Now we are not very accurately and with plastic bit may have some downside recycling whatever release of plastic. If they're easily portable lock right here is a portable yes I couldn't carry a glass in here because it would probably this bill or whatever people can carry a glass around in their car. But if they carry one of these at least part of the thing the year your helping uses. Usually I you know if that's. They have debts that you have that's good at least get that lottery and I have stainless steel so you know by dropping it. It Hollywood lights. Or rabbit a Girard bridge and how. Me out all. Around you is not only are you good inspiration but your irrational and and if I don't know if this will be available to you but every once in awhile Robby will bring me something homemade hand that's delicious it's really good and and it's not like you've got to eat cardboard if you want a lot eat healthy. A wiccan people get a copy of his book or hero or hear much do we know one WDC it's in jails that. What about the most so is it local bookstores and also Amazon and buy dot com and Barnes and nobles and yeah its it's got all of it in their front eight have the only food fitness deep tax sleep and stress management. And how it's not quite a bit. Out here is this book. Will without a doubt transform realized signed GO Jill Kelly wife of Jim Kelly. I notice for obvious as close as we arguments meteoric liner notes. You know imagine putting my picture on fitness book I would love to see your pictures Symbian and I got a couple of pictures of us together. And I I I appreciated wealth your husband format and a you know Thomas says that say hi husband. Yeah they're good like what the classes and TV and radio and fitness and and the good fight and in if my plug and as a stroke and I caught you you could use alone shoveling it since I would exercise and just remember seeing if it comes from a please you can eat it if it was me to play against don't need to pop. I'm happy that's at Ramada hot bag Iraq Iran thinking Robby are eulogy education just dropped him from another planet will be back after this. Elliott back where the Beijing governor has added he's going to be talking about your grades for the roads for the schools and for the media a couple of things to talk about before we get to that. I'm very happy eatery that. By Allan park and all people in the about when those that Kevin O'Connell from channel to. As decided to delay his retirement. From later this month until 2008 scene and that's great news Kevin does a great job he's a friend. He's a friend in fact when Mario first came to town I wasn't in town grew on. When I worked at that WWW. And he was that whistle WI SL and always a good this year he. And a good guy certainly and it does a great job on camera he has a good natural personality can be very funny at times. And the deficit to replica of feeling that we're going to get to keep them on another year and a half longer the only plan. And John Bayard. John and it was supposed to be retired by now when he decided to stay another few months. Does the early morning goes in and let's see that to the martz now we have in round. I'm in front of the camera from a microphones and probably you. The computers the better so congratulations to Kevin for. Deciding to to stick around a little while longer. Let's see what else is going on boy I gonna have to get the Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Because a museum down there that features wax figures. Of all 44 US presidents and their wives. Who will display the figures before their auction off. Are right there are going to be auctioned off on the fourteenth of this month. The hall of presidents and first ladies museum and Gettysburg closed in November. And I'm I'm sick in my money milling around there and bid and a bit high. For a V Hillary Clinton wax figure where imagine having my own Hillary Clinton. My whole can it'll. Can change it I can look at it. Ideally the beatles' I'm a loser in the background I think I've been really nice would you would you like you probably did Dolly Madison or something like that. I had a case took the fifth. I contribute to my physique they'll be very nice audit. And here I can't believe. I can't believe it so body has does say to Hillary Clinton stop that. She's been so. Uttering running for mayor of New York City. If I'm Ryan I'm Diane I'm listening to New York radio and say they're all talking about it. As she's considering running against the blahs EO first of all he's a moron. The end and which is one of my least favorite people on the planet so I guess if you exchange. A moron for wanna release. Favor people on the planet is it's like a wash right yeah. If she would just give it hop stop. You at her daughter would say stop it. I think she she would run for everything but the bus. It's just amazing to me are you surprised that she Myron familiar man I am but a nice move to offset the blog Z oh did he go a lot of his way to help Hillary well it doesn't matter no I guess not it. And those of ads that I mean nothing official has been net as you probably win. Bode deal is running for mayor and on their book deal. Tuesday legendary New York City a police detective and he's a big media guys on our crime shows in these non anonymous aligned. And he's a real. New York personality. He got a real Reza a real he and he's been a couple of movies it's been a couple of Scorsese movies. And stuff like that. I'm logs and am always very conservative. So he would have been the power to ya got me when they're fine people know Bo do list. In your city but please Hillary give it up it's hosted by easy I don't know she practically jumped up cliff from the last time. And as always issue a run and not win in New York City. But the point is so lots. Iran for a president. The former secretary of state. Four hours senator and now it is missing or being open is that it or maybe she'll move to Colorado because they were an opening for dog catcher what she can't get enough money out of the Clinton foundation and have to run for mayor that's disgusting to me via honestly think it's just you know. Just when you thought it was eighth she's. Reminds there. Like at the end of every horror movie. They've killed us there we've monster boiler for a monster before but it's obvious the monsters totally. And a monster jumps up. The monster always has and I'm like you know that he got to finish the month's drop one and you're in the monster movie you know she's Freddy Krueger or if she's Jason Mike Myers and I have via the nails like Edward scissor hands. Because she's very great thing it's like those nails on chalkboard. He knew a man and is the problem. Fortunately unfortunately for presence in New York State. Soul we will hear a lot about what goes on in the city and if she wins me or hear more about our I don't wanna hear anymore. Otter we divorce New York City analogies. I have be I have via a match jobs. For the the wild card games are you ready to pick I'm normally. Okay first of all were picking against the buffalo and those were picking against currencies Thursday Solomon Graham Gleason Northrop go on and it shows are away. The raiders are getting three and a half points at the Texans. To realize. Well Texans are not without their quarterback so I am and bus over the raiders struggled I'm gonna pick the raiders. Our generators who simply because every once in awhile something catches. A magic in a bottle and this might be there here even though their quarterback is down so we're both picking the raiders. The newest pics Texans raiders raiders Texans Texans Texans Texans raiders. Next lions at the Seahawks. The unlocked while lines are getting eight points. But they're also playing in a very tough place to play in Seattle. And latte field. Yeah yeah yeah I get most. NFL games when a player comes off after you know after a series somebody comes and scores water through their face mask because they don't Obama taking them off. I think there in Seattle they throw they throw via a cup of coffee a threat achieve yeah I'd like to see you wanted to double for a chino. So a lot of pins are getting eight points but the effect I'll take the Seahawks. The alliance I love staffer I always have I think he's a real good Workman like quarterback. So I'm I'm going with the lines that you're going Seahawks are going lines. Of the nose is going Lyons Lyons Lyons Lyons Seahawks the arts the arts lions. Johnson has a mixed bag there except the dolphins. Are getting ten points at the Steelers ten points. What inning points a lot of points to be giving up I'll take the dolphins in the points I'm going to sailors they're at home and the rough numbers is. He's usually a pretty good at this economic game. The new houses picking Steelers dolphins dolphins Steelers Steelers dolphins Steelers dolphins though. They're kind of a mixed Maryland 20 Angela I think of all the games this week. That's the biggest walk in my mind would be a dolphins at the Steelers I think the Steelers that much better bill I think the Steelers will win by just on the about the spread next up the my favorite game of the weekend because. I got two teams here one I wrote for all the time that will be the Packers the other one. Lives like their quarterback I'm sorry his name is Eli. The giants are getting five and a half points at. The pac. Giants. Well on unpack all the way. The news is going giants giants giants pack giants giants packed giants. So this is the most one sided of the news elections. Would be you know who would be for the giants so Seward houses this weekend we are games on Saturday and games on Sunday. Doesn't get much better than that get the snacks get planning a nutritious snacks. Robby is listening will be back after his aunt and. Talk about what happened yesterday a first of all at Willard are giving you advance warning that we were going against Hamas the lake effect smell. What's what's hard to predict would lake effect though is how how long it's going to be in any one place they did just a pretty good at telling you where it's going to be and excellent telling you what time it's going to happen. But oh well what's that ago at times it's how long but the squall line stays in one place. They were talking about they said when you get one to two inches an hour you can handle it even even three inches an hour is too low balls hard but. Bug when he got the four inches an hour. I mean that that's a lot of snow remote and what I owed like he is a couple of things as I was following it. In the comp part of my home. That's right idea was not on the air usually I'm on the Maryland went bad weather hits in Tony's home having a lot today. And making fun of a fact that I'm here okay and but the bottom line is I was following it see what was going on in there are three basic areas what's our weather roads. Schools. Yeah around them the media. Let's about school's first. I applaud the way it was handled was schools apparently of the buses could not navigate couldn't couldn't mow basically. So be kids are both parents would certainly worry about them. I'm thinking that if I had a kid who want all schools I'd be a very comforted. And though that the school feels worse were opened the that the teachers in the adult stayed there that the children had fooled. They had warmth. They played him a gym they had movies it was like if I were a kid I would've considered at a grand adventure. You know about a lot of parents are very very worried because some of the kids didn't get home before I am. I mean they they got home an hour a 45 minutes before I got up this month and as I can understand that but I I'm thinking that. If you're a parent you be much more worried if they had gotten on the bus and the bus wasn't there. That would have been much more concerned so I applaud the the decision makers of the school systems they kept the kids over they did the right thing absolutely. Safety first. And I'm sure the kids weren't bored. And like Tony if your kid's words stuck in a situation like that. And you knew they were at this school under the supervision of your two of their teachers. I assume you'd feel pretty good about. I would because they're fantastic at that at this school bought the parent to me he would obviously be. Upset because I'd be without my babies. You wanna you don't I think CU putting on snowshoes. And walking there and carrying them home on your back I would see eye logo Rio ago. Six hours went up. Normally I would cheer is such a thing bud. I'm one of those worry wore parents I think all the parents worry. A certainly by the just be crazy there or via either be a lot more or about how they got on the bus and they want the superintendent said today on the early morning news at the WB and then. A you know we can't just send send them home early and that's true because you'll be sending a lot of kids home if they were sent home early. Two houses where the parents aren't there writes the schedules are usually made up so you know what time a you have to be home when the kids get off the bus. And some some kids are latchkey kids in their older. Older children and that they believe they can navigate depth of the younger children especially if you'd go warrior great deal about that. And if you just. A lot of bucks. On a bus. And drop a Moffett this stuff for mom and dad I'm a mom or mom and dad or dad and mom I go Abdul salaam politically correct. Or dad and dad or mom and mom more. Hazel and Mickey or whatever. If if they if not it's not there than you really worry about severe cant do they didn't have that choice. And I think the choices they made were excellent. I thought it was it was exactly what I thought I would do it by word teacher in that position that's what I would do you know lights in though if you were. Teacher superintendent or principal. What kind of things you'll and keep the kids amused and entertained wind and it is it's like a giant slick over. You you have Matt you have their coats. Good good use those as pillows and I think you have a lot of fun while awaiting a. The star I think the teachers and the administrators everybody involved our heroes. And they have families to improve ago that there are missing damn and they are they're taking care of others. Children and to me thirty euros I'd. Have a couple of teachers that armored high school where I went to school and were allowed by Massachusetts law to reproduce. But other than Matt. I understand and totally agree review a so I'm giving I'm giving two thumbs up. 20 of these schools and the principals the teachers. The school boards whoever was involved with keeping the kids in the building. Until it was safe to put him on the bus absolutely great job okay. And while we come back we still have the roads and the media to talk about we'd like your opinion. You can give us your opinion now on what we've what we delve into it 03093018061692. Resorts and star and 930. As I said we come back the media does the media's role has expanded. In the many years I've been in buffalo regarding snowing it started with a blizzard the blizzard. And today it's it's expanded since then I expect on the next no Volvo Telus. Exactly how many flakes will be in our yard per square for. Will be back what more would beach and company.

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