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Bills GM Doug Whaley on 2016 season and coaching search

Jan 2, 2017|

Bills GM Doug Whaley on the search for a new Bills head coach.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So. Were. Questions. You autism. Word. Okay I don't turn over to look. First off happy new year and wanna thank you guys for taking time out is scheduled to spent some time with me. Seven and I'm. Not gonna. From ownership. Players. To this whole organization. Akron. And I said as much as startled me. And I do a better job. After today we wrap up the 2016. Season. And get started on seventeen right away. But that said take questions. Let's go right. Red. It. Believed by ownership by attacking me as a personally. Head coaching search also know that. This job. And this organization is Stewart it by an ownership group that is willing to give the resources. To not only myself but to the coach to be the best they can. And to the fact of loyal fan base. And a I just think that those all those things company together with the belief that. We're seven and nine were close. We just got to get over the hump. Yeah president. There's consequences lightly I have ownership of the team president it would you like here. I'm. As season in their review of the football operations department I speak for the ownership and the team Prez and I speak for football operations department all of our vote. What that is all it understood its issue a statement. Up. Oh. I mean you are what your record says you and we're seven and nine so anything that encompasses the football operation falls on my shoulders and I take full responsibility. We have to get in better in every aspect. So it represented or so. We have a chance to hear from her work here regardless tried firing walk us through why was fired what was thought process. What. We just finished our weekly. Phone conversation went with Teri myself and Rex. Rex asked to speak to him privately. After that I was informed. That Rex would no longer be our coach I wasn't privy to the conversation. So I cannot get into those details. Make the playoffs. Again I was not privy to the details of the conversation. The local interest so when you had to practice that happens you can hurt corporate and a lot of people are just it's got. We didn't do I'm enterprise. Why why you won't believe what we didn't. Do differently across. Well this search will be different. The first one I was an assistant GM the second one we did by committee approach this one. Will fall squarely on my shoulders with the help him moan its so. Were one approach it that way. And I have full confidence in myself and them plan that we have in place that we're gonna go on to the best guy for the Buffalo Bills and not know. Who coolest. That purports. Very dysfunction or the ability of our team. We're quick feet and coaches pulled I've grown ever right well when you've had ended ensuring that any final decisions. Why are those reports continually come out and why you have an inability to what was your head coach. Well I look at it this way. Anytime there's. Something that I've coached leads or coaches fired. Automatic thing that people point to is the relationship between the coach and the GM. I'll say have a healthy respect and professional working relationship with both of those guys that with dug round as well as Rex Ryan. So I would disagree with those reports. Not to mention the last coaching search was done by committee vote. What was your personal reputation. Gamer points fifteen on our time when I get into that. It's better for your kids that if you're going to be men charged with leading tax code insert your. I mean that's a fair question but for us in the way we're going about our coaching search on wanted to evolves too many details because we are against other teams that have openings. Responsible. For a it's a it's a bills higher so I'm part of it yes. It. Along those lines. Why do you think that they didn't have we continue to make a hire yourself through the general manager of the corner I don't know that it does. And what gave you any more credibility. While back then. We have to talk to the Google is but we decided as a group that we would do it may get a committee approach. And they would have the final say and this time. I've faced the ownership has faith in me. And I think to myself. And we'll see where it goes but I and I understand the gravity of the situation. And understand that it's falling swear on my shoulders and I accept the challenge. Taking ownership in the previous day you know cargo net that that and what it. You're used to you don't want to get into it if you agree with the higher I did you agree. Absolutely it's a bills high right. Here I'll let you debate that but I I would say that it was. And we want to make it. It. Now. Salaries horses for me. I have to disagree stranding initially staff has been here since Chan Gailey so that was less than ten years Jim monus has been here less than ten years. Kevin Murphy has been here less than ten years in the all these guys and pro personnel Gerald. Terrell caught Gerald is here at last in ten years so. I I would disagree with that now there are some people that have been here for those ten years but we've mixed in some new blood. Okay there yet but there. Here that you can click. On that shows you. It up. And use it well. Whether. I have done systematically. I don't believe in coming in wiping out. And starting anew I think there's some people here that are very qualified highly qualified. And obviously it's it's a fair question because we haven't had results to ask that. But working with these guys day today I have faith and confidence in those guys. It was myself Russ Brandon. Kim and tape of cool. With Russ is expanded. Responsibilities of PSE will not be. And a quote you believe you and your personal part why. Officer. Lawyers for this team will make the playoffs and felt. You are what your record says you are we weren't good enough. I follow. You referenced rust and oh yeah there's something who work. Just but. Yeah he's in charge on the I don't even know what he's in charge of I just know he's in charge of a lot. It's. Regarding the as I was referring to earlier. Working relationship to your previous head coaches to burnout you use it worked through are you worried that there is perception in the wee. That. Because we now want to come here and work with knowing previous to that coaches and out and do. I have full confidence and my reputation in the league circles not them obviously in the media circles but only circles that that would not be prohibitive. There will. Make it clear where change. Now we'll all be hammered out and they interview process. With you know if you work where I like whatever system helps us win. There. Or. It. It will be an open search and I can understand why people would connect the dots because he is a familiar face but today it will again be open search. It. It. It is I'm leading the search it is an open search. Regardless of who. Higher as opposed to thank. Again and again that will be. Talked about during the interview process and again. I'm all about whatever it takes for us to be winning. Open. Which use. That. Art and as an open search I'm open to anything that will help us win. Where user users. Decision. Who suggested it was center for him in his remarks. He has cut. I would be upset if he wasn't upset he's a competitor that's what you want in your starting quarterback. And he had a tremendous year. We set him down as a business decision to look at the other people what deposition the quarterback position because each game manuals coming up as a freeagent. And we have a young guy. So it was a business decision for the betterment and absolutely. Valuation process of the position going forward. So that was it. I'm sorry what was the other party. You know it's hurting. It wasn't wasn't. And you. Again if we are planned in playoffs. Or trying to get to the playoffs in the jets' game meant something he would played. Not. Let's virus samples made weeks ago you know made official just you know before the last game. Why wasn't that he was let go when that decision was made. That point when you knew that. You know although a gourmet embedded in the playoffs. You know realistically get less than 1% chance for more as a kid when he's that. Okay so what was first party question these. The decision to fire references in eight weeks ago I don't know aka wolf. While I answer that. Then you had a lot more information and I did. I wasn't privy to any part of Rex time being fired until I was told. I'd capable. We. We usually have those discussions at the year end the valuation along with all the players all our staff on my staff. So again I wasn't privy to that conversation so I can't answer that and maybe. You can set some light on that now according to Tyrod. We we're we're still in the playoff on and until it's zero. We're trying to win every game so I've were trying to put the best team out there. Back in points thirteen. On the pavement lines. We think this guy's going to hear quarterback for a long time in three years maybe he's now he's sitting there saying there's anybody. He's not your quarterback. Six days on earth yeah. Why should and believe you're I'm an act quarterback and you feel or yes it. Well first of all be NFL is appointments is not right and you have to are yours are your stripes every day. So yes I said that but obviously we've gone out and cured another quarterback in Tyrod Taylor so to hang your hat on one guy. That was a mistake for me to say absolutely. It. I pass. There or there. On. Whenever his own practice. Or. Hurt or how to answer but here. Let's not something that I subscribe to. I don't think that our organization. Wants to be someone that has reports coming out there on building. We can't. Confirm that the reports are coming from our building maybe you guys can and please do confirm it with. But that's not the modus op operandi that we subscribe to them were gonna investigate and try to shut it down as quickly as possible. Our partners play all the games got to play. Football itself is decisions made in terms of is okay and it. What what needs to be done that in that. You can't doing you know to influence. A big decision you have to make. Sure. Well. Vicki understand it's going to be it decision by myself and ownership along with the new head coach so we have to. Finalize that part of the script before we can write the end of it so it's going to be part of the valuation process along with everybody else on the team. A new coaching staffs gonna come in and evaluate every single player on the roster you'll. You'll still. Choose your. That we part of evaluation process and we make a decision with the election. An explanation for fans why it let two years these people if you are not creating. I can't give you the particulars. Of why what happened in that conversation I can just tell you that. I was informed that he would not be our coach going further. It. Because again we usually hold those conversations after the season it's season in a valuation of only not only coaching staff. My staff but players. Well what what. I again. I was not privy to that conversation. It's an audience it was put OK yes. Well. Oh. Check out there that's. So a couple usually in those markets. So much purpose right white and watch it and ownership. Law that. You're that you guys are all too. Well that regardless of. Piloted this way. I'm the GM football operation I was told by my boss that I will no longer be working with a certain person. My role is not to figure out why my role is to take that information and go forward and put this organization in the best possible way to win football it's so for me I cannot act. Thought by their owner are wrecked once I don't want to know what you think we'll. 10 in what is that what. Now. Now. It. Were. Correct. It. We will determine that structures in the interview process. You. Were well. Oh. That. If now he's a competitor but he's also professional. So let's be anyone's. He was not involved in decisions and I played tyrant that game. Why why was she put him position come out speak for him for the organization on a decision that wasn't part. I understand the narrative out there and I I totally get it anti now I've talked and were fine. It was so if you look at all let me speak for decision that you make. Like you said I understand the narrative we've talked. We are fine. It. It happens he said what. Does this. Place. Terry and I. Talked. We brought anti human and we discussed it with the anti land he wasn't in on every conversation we had. About Tyrod that day but the final one was consulted with Anthony. Because of ownership put out a statement. And I dress things at the year end of the year review. Because ownership put out a statement. Just partners and Rex there so quests multiple. Now let's see your parents this football team does expect training camp outside of your appearances on WG RY and you best so it goes well. We have a policy that we have one singular vote voice. And that's the head coach during the season now once the season's over then I'll take the senior report. It's that it it is the contract chip. All of any unit also there were times FaceBook spokesman pursues. Sanctions vote on ourselves that it's perhaps a tax is not. And it is not policy when it. It's not policy were breaking in and I agree with the plight with ownership statement. I didn't feel the need to come out. Limit. Exposure through mass media support. Had it's it's it's an ideal that I've. Brought with me from from where I came from and then it's one singular voice and less obviously contractor and that's that coach. During the season. We'll be blurred vision of the salary cap. As as. Oh do you look. Russ Brandon to. It's tough. All about it and yet few overlooked. Tracks. Sports you knew what have you over against the salary cap. I'm that crosses into the we US. All contracts. Yeah balls. It's. I set the plan and that's com line Russ and GAO and Kevin me yank. Did either duties up to talk to different agents especially our own free agents to the prospective free agents. As a up against the cap dependent on what we do I think we'll have to and the thirty million so I have to disagree with him. So low and any this year. It is there's different festivities where. What do you tell us what. Do you hope ours ours. Clause that. I what is it guarantees get paid back for games and missed. And we work. Do your job read. Three. The you could allow our hands and making it. Whitney. And this. I say because at seven and nine were close. But not good enough. And if you look at the majority of our freeagent sterile. A lot of guys that we've brought in for back up roles one year contracts that we are trying to CIA. Let's see what they can do and we can sign him again after next year for longer term deals so it seems died daunting task. But if you really break it down we do not it's not going to be as the audience as Hewitt's day. Think. To him by. God that was what what is. It was yours. Quote the voters have your green and he went. It would. I can't hear me. That's what your. I can I answered that they picked up. Rex Ryan actually recommended anti human to be an arm pit coach. Call. Vote. Regardless he's. I'm moving on ways we're anyway. Oh. Trying and can't constantly trying to find the right one and we're evaluating a guy we have on the roster now on he may be the right one. And I would say that. It's not easy thing. It's one of the hardest positions a plane sports if it was easy everybody there'd be 32 B 64 quarterbacks everybody wants so it's not easy thing but. We understand that and I understand that taking this job and that's what I have been ordered and tasked to do. And I'm going to work as hard as possible to get that done. That would be craft racing network. We're good enough okay I'm trying to think or what we're all that holds the par three that is quite bit here. That is another place what. Part of the these foods. It is all humanity racked up there and it all neatly let's. I that we'll figure out what world that this will. Why spoke earlier about the structure head coach reports to go on ownership group Irish who report to head coach doesn't report to me. Or. That has not been determined yet would attest that with the coaching so. Who. It was that's what we're all absolutely there no doubt about it and not. That cracked buyers that you understand there. There. But there. You were out at me or. Answer. Appealed news prospective coaches. I don't because there's going to be in there it is no matter what we have done that day that. Pain is this any pictures that you guys depends. You were. Onward. That I'll. Keep it that way he should be reluctantly. Walked around it. That's a way to we have a setup with reporting of the head coach took ownership again with anti union man we had discussions before that a Sunnis with the with ownership that if we are out of the playoffs what are we gonna do. So again he wasn't. Ultimate decision we decided he was in there it was myself Anthony and capable phone. That. Oh. As before. You. Myself and the Google knows and and Rex we are saying hey listen. These are things we gotta think about it organization so when. You start. We aren't any injuries that and so you put you. None and and and no we had discussions leading come up with a firm stance what where it. He's been and advising me more on that administrative side of football matters and it'll be good sounding board but again. With his duties taking him away you be probably less than lots. Yeah. Or you can eat it. All rights. Years ago plus all the people involved and us as an awful lot of things that he's sitting right next to each other in the old. Yes. In all. Now he's the president of the organization and he needs to be privy to its information but he's not. In on the decision making process of lending any advice. Work or. She's been or. Moving forward and before. Police. Or proceed. But. Because they put. They put out a statement. So. A you have. It. If we look at it this way can we be better to draft absolutely. We won all seven threatened in any number of our picks to be starting and and pro bowlers. But the reality of situation is. You can build your roster between traps. Trades free agency you don't wanna back yourself and corner. I. Yours put out statement not answer lies you pre. We usually weren't privy. I hear you were shut out of something you were left out of the process. So. Square that because that's what that statement doesn't. Explain that are. Well that that's Luis. It is my boss to a game interactive. And said that we will not be having. Rex Ryan as our head coach. With no explanations. I didn't need any. I'm trying to tell you the way I approach my job in May be wrong you guys. And you can write one might think he is when I get a directive from my boss it doesn't matter how he came up. With that directive I'm here to execute. To direct him. Point there's ownership. What is your message for the fan base that you saw we saw this whole season especially yesterday and has a lot doubts about where there's huge don't want what hope can you care to fan what's your message organizational message to advance about where this team's. Organization messages if you look at the season in totality we did some good things we did some really good things we weren't consistent. If you look at the Seattle game. You're going out and Oakland so we ran a lot of games I mean there was probably at New England games when we get really got blown out other than that we were highly competitive and in this last game. So we are closer and we're not a foreign twelve team we're 79 team now do we need to get better absolutely. What we're not that far away we don't happily. We're actually made the choice of which you were part of that process for the government now you're in charge to be up front page. And knowing that it hasn't been the site structure is going to be. We've you hope that you weren't all that that would be different going forward. Can assure that one out right now I'm in the next head coach and it would be your choice because they are who. It's now about me it's about the Buffalo Bills winning so whatever structure comes that helps us get over the hump so we're not sitting here talking about 79 season again. I subscribe. Structure many places expect but that worked and it seems to be where you're at it. But that he had better structure for US. Again it's not about me. There what. We we. More. And more so. Can play that coach next order usually agree that's. I'm looking for the best coach for us moving forward we're gonna take everything in the consideration. We're not content pinpointed as one characteristic. When you live. No it was close. Susan. Person so. Excuse. Why would you. I'm able to bring peace you you feel that close but this post express flight. Com we'll look humorous or yeah. You really he and ownership taco news or why I couldn't even that should be the case for continuity with the ownership. And why it is not all. What will quite well wolf why do nothing because if you're that close than staying the same boat. It's from those two years you know we won't know does not succeed. What. I look at it this late John. We were were searching for that continuity we're searching for that coach that can be here for 1015 years. And at this time the search starts. Soon as I leave the stage. I don't think we can sense did you ever sense that Brooke was in trouble with the people who work. If we get what Johnson is not. Where you are removed is maybe come to visit friends and talk about it because we're called. Again I. Will. I have to say this again. We hold those conversations usually at the end of the year for the valuation so I had no need to go and talk to them about Rex. We were focused on the season we're focused on and that we always talks on the game had. Were. Not. Now. It. But to lose. R.'s New Year's. Player reaches. It's. Here he's in future years. We will. Practice. Center. He's in every team in the league records and track again but he. This and again. Like you said. And we said before. We do not discuss details of contract in the media. Residents. Who entered. News. Or. Presents its actual signing up. And it's me. And you. Right. Yeah in mr. Parker yeah I'll. Football really. Are there. You know an auditor or. And a lot of that. Talk about some of workers are war. Well football operations at football team I guess is my question you're asking I'm asking you about you Tom the football field. It. I fully support wrecks and obviously we weren't good enough. And he'll be the first to tell you his defense was gone off and leave it got better. On note is though that he worked tirelessly everybody in that coaching staff were palaces. To get this thing right. And was sequenced. You know. It. And in my what are your eyes remind you what our partner group of. Well at seven and nine it's not time. Characteristics of the next coach. Will keep that in house again because we are up against some other teams and I don't want to give them the blueprint of how we're more after a search. It. Familiarity. And possible continuity but from almost all familiarity. Follow it it is as. What what is your general plan to get this team where these went he's been here now to write yours now how long she. TT. Not just in the playoffs and ultimately am assuming it was when all the art. He's. First start step is walking off this podium and trying to find the right coach and then from there keep on it adding. Talent. Use. On. World. Eight. They haven't talked to me about it and I'll I don't need in the talk about it. So just be clear you. Didn't have. Full responsibility under a Rex he didn't have responsibility in the fire wrecked then he said he never had a hunch that he was on the hot tea with ownership so. To use it at the GM of the team is it frustrating that you don't have that sort of power and he sort of say in the situation because on the outside looking in it doesn't it look like you have what. Everybody has boss. And the Google is within the hiring Iraq's it was a committee approach. Google as have to sign off wanted this one I will lead to search the Google is still have to sign off the head coach reports that the coolest. Bit so. Zaireans told reporters. You. That we can confirm that he is been reached out today and we senate. Request form for. I think. That at football operation seems like they can all look all that. So those decisions are being made in theory is that kids case that article thirty yours is that the older job it is to be making. Global citizens or should they have somebody you. Who run the football aren't and it succeeds deregulation that that fails then. Your intro. If I mean doesn't matter no matter what it's there organization their franchise so they're gonna have ultimate stamp on no matter what if it's Meehan charged. Over the coaches coach and I have the same level it's still ultimately their decisions. I won't get I'll say this much I name and thought about my focus now is going ahead. Would well OK I agree or they didn't it I mean alcohol and you're not football people maybe these possible. That. Zain project Midas and have a discussion about. That was my thought process. More. You don't wanna rush decision like this you wanna make the right decision. Just our ways and means. For me personally this is hardly believe it has to make sure that murder rate you have got caught up to. The decision part. I have not because my thought my job is to go from. The decision. And move this organization forward so that would be wasted time. And I'd just rather put that time and effort into going forward. Yes I think we call our donors would call it that ever you know you're not. It's it's more an up. Hurt our Taylor. Possible. Possible. Just like all players they're going through the medical evaluation process now so further information come. GM Doug Whaley answering questions for about forty minutes from the media assembled over in the.