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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Against Changing EC Bar Closing Time - Mark Croce

Against Changing EC Bar Closing Time - Mark Croce

Feb 3, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mark Croce is with us onerous step a city and several downtown restaurants talking about the proposal to roll back. That are closing time in Erie county for 4 AM to 2 AM. Mark was at last night's public hearing on this and he did speak mark good morning. Boris you are great thanks for the time. Erie county is the only county in western new York and central New York with a 4 AMR closing time is that much business done. In those two hours to. You know as far as who's most Americans have been electric guitar into. To purchase New York spirit of dirty work so yesterday because it was originally you know apartment when this first. On this campaign that person was was solicited some observers Merck forty only helps any county that has for your quote in time. And obviously the divorce between ousted indulged and that's pretty significant so. I won on the web site in this war and other counties in upstate New York a water. And the Torre I'm closing time so this has like he authority only currently is ridiculous I mean they don't they don't sort between Western New York cops ignore. But that the comment that was made when the structural problems leader he only signal ops they found me. And upstate is a big urea from here all in Albany and even you are in the north country and if you look on the map of the electorate very website. In the problem. There's even more top two vehicles and what does a lot of them are foreign oil and besides your charm and so again mr. act as the floated out there. This you know hidden agenda or is this. This I have no idea what the purpose. Others in this sugars since there's been picked it up are not lawmakers are but they're also putting up a lot of mishaps. Including including this this you know what I call fossil of all the laws that was conducted before. Pardons and start probably in half of all storms also there's there's a lot of money doesn't score. Well that what they can Chris Jacobs by the way. This morning. Their book which could restrict the street apartment. But his personal friend of polls you're the one that he can be held the one that picking up the questions they decided to call. You know and what we kind of all start having some rock as a producer on the position. Because it's fraudulent and that is disgraced your and the citizens employers. They're charted at its currency the jobs but they would try to work on this and put this on the public that that this all legitimate. It's not legitimate it was a pushed Paul and inhibit some representatives of the other Rucker the track the sun a position to just. Even pay for half of all they don't tell you and is that the only pay what you wanna hear and they don't say the questions or ask that you are yet. Over the search results that they wanted to achieve. It's just not right to treat citizens and the workers and retarded or not treatment early. We're talking live with the mark Croce owner the buffalo chop house that diversity and a number of other downtown area bars and restaurants. Mark have you personally have been calling lawmakers. Or members of the state liquor authority trying to encourage them pressure them and anyway and who opposed the earlier closing time. Personal or will go our wood our ultimate authority and there's not been completed due to pressure anybody this is just common such. Delicious campaign going on the hospitality jobs metal tours of we have the restaurants at what else. I would I would argue that you know when I started on our 1996. TomTom bought what was. We're pretty much you boast almost nothing happening in the city and I think that entertainment and married life in immediate solution city to our yard and normal audio. Is what got people excited about the city. Wanted to work done there. I'll bet to UMass yell at the queen city health plan with the twins were seven of war. It's finally coming to Richmond and a couple of dog visibly distraught as inspector democracy. A eighty four part report on the call awful place. And I have a lot of respect for all the people awful place but the only control audit or block area about how awful and I dare ask a question actually widen this hole bought a small area about how awful lies at each site bureau which. We're all awful words superb and the suburbs or rural Gary Kelly who got over what options were miles Eric. And basically everybody that they packed the room went because this thing was stacked from the beginning in the first one part speakers. Were were hand selected so that they can shut that own and try to your player everybody out there and hope they will be about the hurt. The first are part speakers are organs like that you know more of these people were either. You know people that it is your will prompt up or have come out professional opinions of the government in and try to plant the broad discussion. Or they were residents in the you're one part art nor is dollar order or search dot overall port issues. You can't you can't masquerade this whole issue equality currency usually do you realize. Brutality in it and and then you'll use it to map screen where people wanna address or electric. And everybody deserve equality award but it you know eight. You know most people who spoke there were residents were worried are our Richard port street. Yet streets and a whole colony are very mobile for thousands were miles. Or robbers are there yesterday and battle against terror ever that it insults you've held some citizens of very charming you know the duly elected sure pervert army. Have a better. He whether read into the record about his position he's in better law enforcement professional for over fifty years or what the New York State troopers. I was sure very character and his position as we need to enforce laws on the books we need to hold people accountable for personal responsibility. We don't mean more business we don't need more big government are small business how to survive because there's too many mandates and too many rules regulations and the report work. Cooperation with the losers life. Or survive because those additional hours and all the part of our business in the property taxes generated. Up or become a tourist destination and it's like now they wanna kill the golden -- things are happening for reasons we'll bring people back to the city. Albright as property prices skyrocket. They think some by accident is now there's a few people sort of work of wanna socially engineer and wanna turn around and tell everybody how to do business in the united Arab business. Do you think this bid that this is a political attack against U. This is a political track your us. Our whole industry is not personal against me it's it's about a bunch of people that are you know many of among all of you know irrelevant when it comes to. Being in the mines item opportunity if you look at it everybody you know people are what are used to go up thirty years or forty years broke. Now we don't want to give New York people that that Jordan right what Eric Bernard closely they they wanted to quit opportunities to have a good side. This is sort of partner responsible Richard. I wholeheartedly support law enforcement a big supporter of law enforcement a big supporter shook our insurer power at a pretty strong statement. Leave at 4 o'clock. And we need to enforce rules on the books I do not well we wish you 2 o'clock. It is not going to accomplish everything is not good what are people public safety effect it could have just he opposite effect. And operator are got to put my money on a while horsemen officer and every Darby mr. figures are position I'm sure our. Mark we're glad to get join us this morning thanks. Mark Croce owner step or city and several downtown restaurants.

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