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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>GOP Debate on Economy- Financial Planner Tony Ogorek

GOP Debate on Economy- Financial Planner Tony Ogorek

Oct 28, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tony a cork from or gore wealth management in Amherst joining us now to talk about tonight's third GOP presidential debate because of it Spain the economy Tony good morning. And how polite treatment not too bad it's a wild day around here but down Tony what are you expecting. Tonight from the GOP candidates on the economy. Well I think we may finally get that's encircled the pretenders are. In this series candidate maybe because when you look at the numbers are out platforms. They just don't make any sense at all. So even. I'm Donald Trump on his come that would probably the most detailed income tax and incorporate it can't anymore. So here is deal he liked to take certain tax bracket and you want to cook and downed tree. Now he's gonna cut taxes over the next decade. I twelve trillion dollars that's with twelve here in twelve from Dallas. He thinks that the captain and officially grew. They had the cover all of it well the Keck foundation scored an. Unstable and in the dying more collateral and I guess why. Of the twelve trillion intent you're gonna cut ten trillion in debt is gonna go while the national debt. Our dad is an increase from eighteen trillion right now 228 trillion under Trump's ex. I don't understand how this guy can still be viewed as a viable candidate. In next. You know Hughes approach to fixing the economy and making America. Great again. Totally we understand you also have some concerns what Carly Fiorina. Yeah you know hurt her she's selling hurt track record has at least like it CEO. To America and I just wanna say she was it two companies. Shouldn't get loosened and shoot Quechua picker. In over secure time period. She ended up getting 100 million dollars capitation. In cheap home. Art to a little company isn't there when you get loose and she sold to going down so Telecom equipment. Our to a company called Pittman. Now loose confining the deal came within here go to a bank this company at one point six million dollars of revenue. It was crazy by the time they found out what happened. She was unusual picker. And she laid you know 30000 people bought carpet computer it was terrible deal. The board you know pretty much threw her out and that was with to this issue with family. What about it in again. You know that accompanies Scott quiz let's crater. So she did not really have a you know any parent record of success in corporate America this artwork insert. Yet she's touting that record in the CEO. And she should become the CEO the United States which is unbelievable. He Tony who knows the economy well who do you think it's gonna shine tonight. I've got. I think all of them are pretenders. What they're doing is essentially a lot. What I can do is is buy everything you lack. Okay in what we're going to do was to put it the credit card. In magically somehow in the creditors and incompetent and basically. They're up in the work I think what we have to do. It appear realistic with these people and answering a lot. You know interest and still it had hit it 2% at ten year bond. The ferry so he can interest rates extra legal academy this week. These text and I don't think he can't really you know ability. Who complained the economy out of this warrant it and actually we're going to do. Is exactly bigger problem because that's what. Yes we have got right now interest rates could very well we look at the pain that it it would keep it and get entering we're doing and interest rates begin to move up. They are gonna be real problems America and I think these people should we take that test co worker couple who could I think a lot of it is just aren't. Our hey Tony good stuff a thank you for sharing that perspective. OK guys kept on watching tonight okay YouTube it's Tony a court with the court wealth management of Amherst.

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