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Hamburg Town Board Size- Kevin Gaughan

Oct 4, 2015|

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And good morning this state he'd go for the next half hour wanna talk about valid issue coming up in Hamburg should they added more people to the town board. If your all of that in 2009. They actually removed some members from the town board. Mainly because of activist Kevin gone he's joining us now we're gonna talk a little bit about what he feels on that I think you probably know. He's someone who does not want his work reversed we'll talk about why. We did by the way reach out to a board members Michael Quinn Cheryl potted Judah on the town board weaved through reached out to supervisor Steve Walters. And also to what activist Barbara Rogers she was the one that a petition drive basically. That started the ball rolling with the town board that put this on the the ballot for November. We hope to have them may be be in touch we we we weren't able to reach them this week and firm anything up to have my guest here. But their folks out that they say hey how come you only got Kevin aside on. I do have to say we did try to get the other side and there are certainly welcome anyone real is welcome to join us 8030930s. Number. Kevin thank you for joining us glad you're here. Okay morning David. And RW let's start with some history back in 2009. It was you basically led the drive. That removed members from the Hamburg town board they were five member body now other three. Well that's that that the of the larger context is it wasn't just me it was all of the western New Yorkers. You know in the past forty years trying to think through. And find ways that we can reverse the forty year decline. And economic downward spiral that was group in our community to vote the most recent years. Calm in my focus and in my workers concentrate local government at. It contribution to community and its cost the toward that and back in 2005. I'm under the auspices of several local foundations in collaboration with their UB law school conducted a two year study. On the the cost of local government here economy myself in my student researchers we bid city to the 20 o'clock on all sixteen village hall. Pretty Connie also not a cute City Hall. In these 45 government senior economist and about a month and each location. We interviewed Gordon not come to this year so. Employees and public servants in each of the municipalities. We filed an envelope of foil request to get the information correctly but the cost us so we can't. We saw on the Erie county had some. Ten times and I'm the number of elected officials and and he liked size community in America we had 439. Politicians here economy in other words we have more politicians representing ourselves. To ourselves and represented at the entire nation and kept it under very caucus. So the what to report revealed for the first time this that cost. Compensation and health care and retirement pension like time to sit there seaboard and part time politicians who were all couldn't these people. Contributed heavily to the fact that Erie county every city and they're counting every taxpayer including every taxpayer. And this gives our local property taxes and her. There's 3086. Counties in America and retake the test and that's what people were leaving in droves and that's why there was no investment program. With a small salute in the night to by what we try to align our number politicians. I'm with like site community that would reduce the number. I'm because we're so terribly over represented at my idea was that each of the towns and until it's its reduce their number to choose spiked here. I've already turned out many communities that don't that are on the nation and in light of population also by the way in that took place. At the time when our community you'll since 1970 lost 290. School. 294000. Remarkable merchant. Talented and young people. So last into the count to do that they all courts here. But in the course of conduct in the search sort of stumbled upon. State law that no one knew existed noted that Ford Escort him to sit at a politician. To decide besides cost to their government so we started that movement we've recreated at a group of people are very this trip. To go to today. And we have circulated petitions and that's a result voters and six towns and one village and three comedies. You're in no Western New York adopted downsizing measures included a bird that has saved local property taxpayers five point eight million dollars a year. Since 2009. And I think it's of course to have the magnificent economic turnaround. With which we are all in join in and looking forward to continuing. Of course because a lot of other factors are more port wants but this idea. That citizens are engaged and making decisions. And becoming more involved with stealing more equitable stake in the local town hall as a post. It didn't trouble all the politicians I think. And you can call David I think that contributed to turn on a little bit. But now hamburgers are doing at Hamburg is arguing that this hasn't worked that there isn't efficiency. And even in that I've seen some people write that. The amount of outside influence that can be inserted on aboard when it's a smaller board is much greater. So Hamburg is looking at actually adding people back now. What why doesn't that make sense T. Well it is exactly the town board that that did this have become bored right. The Euro made this decision to try to read so. Beyond that saw the idea of outside influence. Yeah outside influences being exerted by more citizens. I'm what I found in my search is acutely candidate Tom port Beattie. And public meeting in Western New York. The yum you're essentially told to sit down and remain quiet optic equipment boats. The reason it's because they're dominated by. Elect a socialist. You know war on its father's first created the idea represent government. They certainly understood that we need to presentation it's like all you could turn to be there but they never envisioned. This army local officials are your com all you do it's all around the corner the idea is to. For citizens to take that responsibility themselves. When the circuit have done our own country course remembered boards. Our beat the norm. And of course they're concert form part time slot Topper here in port and now of course we remember boards in. Four other towns Orchard Park Evans. A west Seneca. The and all of them right next to Hamburg that what you spot. The I think the argument that they're making. That occurred under the yum. Principally that it more difficult to two to do work on remember aboard. And that that difficult to communicate because we have here it your call competing all that requires transparency and I. The yum my response to that is local government doesn't exist for the convenience of elected officials that it's that the interest. The public the public interest here first continue to find ways to reduce this nation's leading concentration of politics and and that the cost to taxpayers that would continue our our economic cup upward. Movement and secondly I'm you know the idea that it's the elected officials can only discussed publicly and that's when Republican president that a great thing. You either you touch it I remember port. You have touched on one of the counter argument. In a large body you can have a subset that works as a caucus to trying to sort of plot out an agenda. And because they are smaller. In some cases they can meet privately as a war without a quorum. When you've only got three members that option is completely off the table. One of the arguments for progress proficiency is. Setting the agenda as a separate committee and then taking it to the full body is a more efficient way of doing it sounds like you're not agreeing with that at all. Of course updated every DM if listen the essentially the argument is this. Any time our officials gather privately. Without the public there they certainly have every right to discuss the quarterback situation both look bill. They can discuss you know the coming whether they can to discuss how warns Donald Trump's hair is that they can opt out people's business most people present. When I spoke with this. The supervisor in the town Fairfield Connecticut. And complex studied in the course of this because that he expects him side to Albert tickets are. People. That remember aborted and he you know our politicians arguing that they need to. You speak to each other you know this and the Leo it's what they're trying to do they're trying to get the right people so to them again in the room to cut a deal in one go. And that's poppy backroom deal that accomplished. But equally important David is this we're not talking about state government or the federal government. Which is engaged in. I'm are decisions with respect to immigration. Or a woman's right to choose or depression looks a outgunned in America local government exit a one purpose and just provide services. Two families and businesses. And it's an effective way those services by the way here of course delivered by the hard working. Spoke on magnificent department heads and workers who aren't into a great up. The circuit and hamburger or a part in the top a country in the magnificent thing but the Tom Gordon actually. The the public government. Equipment cover up a private sector company's board of directors at its under the state constitution and how report charter has two responsibilities. And only two. To adopt a budget and sit overall policy. The idea that the yeah they getting engaged and dated date business. If something happened that we train population and politicians are looking through. Wait to further them rationalize just rhetoric that to. Yeah I am so I I think you know the citizens by the way including Barbara argues that it might give up. The Mets Steve Burke and I think the idea of the voters. Always Tikrit thanks to this should be able that saw it. The yacht in 2900. Voters overwhelmingly. The idea of returning hammered gore to its original so the way on the virus are all bored. Erie county all rich remembers it became five point eight. And at the two top justices as a board members in March 17. But in my seven need to realize that this. Unconstitutional have one person to Georgia legislators rudeness and doesn't his initiatives so that so that's how they should pick. All right journalistic couple calls here 8030930. Is our number. We're talking about Hamburg on the ballot coming up in November a move to reject basically the referendum of 2009. And add members back to the town board. Right now it's a three member board supervisor and two board members. After being downsized in 2009. After the work of Kevin gone he's with us on the phone 8030930s. Number Bob and hamburger you're on the other side of the argument. Tell me why you want to see board members added. 930 on our efforts on the part Bobbie you know it's it won't you tell us into your phone. You need to use your phone not your radio when you're on with us go ahead order. I know how Oreo. Great blog here. Our question it's regarding opt out of big job. It drives for strength in numbers. And every five people aboard. Also eliminate the that you're open in law moral or more available to the board members are so. Our executions over the up primaries that I find out what do you work. And they're saying that there are out. Org ever tortured or committing. Every party into the dedication and actual scheduled committing these workers so in the separated from their. Our soul out regards to our collectors to already in Hamburg I don't know how important at all Hewitt and their two year summit this. Our discussion back lot like it but how boring artist said. Like it like why are question would be you aren't getting any region. Five hours in more decision making board we're now. I'll be possible to ever. Bub bub bub before we get his response continue make a case for me and tell me why you want the board members at a gun. What about so there's more decision making a variety. A I mean you actually board member there to the botched job that they can do. But their souls in the space they can't get the meeting which is a great big amber our rhetoric that started it secure the about we have court and it's just. To try and restrict it to the second anything done and things are being done well where nobody art are all being. Where would be like a week or couple weeks now on watch the one thing dark creditors start looking at the and jump on. I involved raises a couple of very. It hurts an excellent point. First off on the question of some of diversity of opinion and and and and the idea that more toward members. I'm provide. In the assert that we conduct at what we've on this. Yes I'm in Hamburg and the suspect in 2009. In the year 2000 it's 2000 odd. I'm 89%. Of the votes that they took. We're unanimous. In other words they always I'm sort of find ways politicians to. Some. The open meeting Claude notwithstanding they give up at the very important point which we all know that the backroom deals and all we need to Amherst and Washington. Co wrote our government and anything we can do to stop that this could thank. Haven't you don't report contributes about. So with respect that variety of opinions that's another reason why. Somebody hammered president supported dump site that is. India is too. Increase opportunities for citizens and Bob in the past ten years or so I've attended more than 500. On board needed some good sport means throughout the western new York and a couple hundred more outside conducts its search and and over the years have been lamenting out lately are the more focused on attempting to assist. Remember Boortz to Clark wait to succeed the unfortunate how markets not. Participated in an effort but in any event the idea here again when you go to Tom Gordon and should solve many magnificent. Have regrets what cynical I'm. Stand up. There restricted to three minutes. There in erupted. And by the time the participants can speak in the cab cover and you say the idea here is to reduce the group politicians and opened immediate. Which is now and you know this you go to amber Concord eating its election. I believe it should be conversation. And one in which citizens are comfortable and welcome and indeed their view is the most important one and that's what took a took this effort about. While we are right where we are they for our commercial break we let go. Jimmy prediction what you think is going to happen with the referendum Bob. I think it's gonna pass the mere fact that rejected a government report without an art would that this now. And other pointers stricter Walters do that we or conversely the law directs. The way to board okay accurate at about your exactly right. That is now and all the California duke it out with a very credible figure to your record. Aren't quite distant now and the referendum goes through which well I believe it but he wouldn't rule should be on the ballot and we'll see what happened or. True. Say that's a negative saying I don't believe. Her strength in numbers are Orkut is dark are needed mr. secretary. Thank you. All right thanks for the call Kevin we are almost out of time again Morley collaborate we're gonna take a rep for the newscast the we have a may be a minute here for closing comment from you. Do you predict that this will and a putting more members back on the border are you optimistic that the work of 2009 will remain. I don't believe that that other people that well I think it's I think gorilla is port. Whatever decision Hamburg voters make will be the right decision but Cirque. That's that that's the case at all which has in the case mutant preference and consequently we caught so let people saw. What's that about on this and then that was that was then and this is now that's absolutely right. Right now the amber come borders about September taxpayers to exceed tax cap. And raise their taxes even more. And then additionally an accurate to more politicians in the added tax policy paying them and providing them with pensions and health care and everything else. The and I just think that in in in as much as. We have the highest concentration of elected officials in America here in her company. And the attendant type taxpayer cost. The yeah the idea of aligning ourselves produce that number packet on our other car besides accents and and escaped from taxpayers in the process is to protect. Are we are completely out of time Kevin thanks for spending some of the with us this morning. What do come its hardline on news radio 930 WB yen.