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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>"What to Do When You're New" - Author Keith Rollag

"What to Do When You're New" - Author Keith Rollag

Oct 4, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In any situation. Anything that you do ahead necessarily sometimes would be a a first for something right so there's app there applications service across all spectrum including just not just jobs. Of course I mean you think about it I like our ancestors who probably were only in these situations few times in their life. Literally find ourselves in these situations and today whether that's in the job. Whether that's between neighborhood weather that deciding to take a class reviewed all the students certain number were surrounded by. We are literally in these situations. That we give our lives. And just kind of give a different take on this so the first time that you and I spoke was just before setting up this very interview. And what did you take away as far as first impressions and what kind of things were you concerned about and talking to me. Well I can say that as the first time but proper. Com dissident situation for me to and so for most of us when we find ourselves in these situations where anxious so of course I'm. Was worried about making good first impression I was worried about getting your game right. I was wondering about what kind of questions you might ask and so on banking and rehearsing in my head. My potential responses. And if you think about that's no different from any of us going into any other. Kind of situation we're also thinking about the same sentence you know what what other person crushing going to be. What our first opening lines. Our questions we ask other people. And that's just a normal part of living. To be you know these days in a kind of a crazy world where we spend so much of our time our global economy. Is entirely built. On the willingness or ability to interact with. And and dove tailing on that you may have already kind of touched on that are there any specifics any kind of helpful hints you have in terms of how to make that first impression go well. Well I think the most important thing to realize is that first impressions are rarely about impression. The other person oh you're winning personalities and successful achievements. In fact if you eat with those usually what happens. Either talk too much you or the other person that they come away thinking yours you acoustical brag. The reality is that the best first impressions. Art lasts about what you say about yourself and make other person feel so. You know current advice from a hundred years ago about. Showing that your interest to him asking questions listening intently. Our our more important. In getting people to walk away with a good feeling about achieved. Then the kinds of things that we deal with them. In those Ers could well. Live on the line with a author Keith role on the book what to do when you're new to subtitled how to be comfortable confident and successful in new situations. And about those new situations. Kind of turning it around once you are. In this new environment. Better idea for you to find out more about kind of the lay of the land so to speak me via chat people up as opposed to be withdrawn and quiet. Yeah I mean are. You know I think most of us finished and situations and then you've seen in the moment the natural thing for us to do. Its leaders Stater testers here chair or. Stay up to the side of whatever working arm and unfortunately these days. You know one device that we have there and actually saw him on the sabotage our. Intrigue in this situation is much more well because. While we're in a new situation and we wanna you know the perfect world build relationships with the people around is instead we find ourselves. Bringing all our old relationships with such an interacting with them through FaceBook and Seagram whenever we have our own instead of getting to know the people around this. I think important to realize is that. The social risk of going up to somebody you don't know introducing yourself. Whether that's in the officer outside of the social risk of going to somebody you don't know until I got a question. Almost our last and are primitive brain. Used to live in a world where were you people was much more dangerous. That. It really just simply. Not a sitting in more simply than to simply get out there you know go or recognize their brains sort of you know portly or basically trying to keep us from. Getting out there and meeting people and connecting in and that's really what's the make our lives whole lot more interest in on beacon you. Kind of Ennis in essence are getting our own way if you if you would. And and along the same lines of that you have something called the roots of reluctance that big part of the book how how what what exactly is that and how can you get past that. Well again as an accent that. All have. Reluctant to put ourselves in situations in the extrovert is well I mean by more comfortable getting more energy from. Some people from others but we all have that area reluctance to do. Get out and get to meet people for some of us it's were reluctant to intrude upon people you know or bothered him on or whatever they're doing. To interject ourselves and so we're reluctant to approach. For others it's just a generation said we're worried about making that first impression worried about those first in Bergen Passaic. And as a result. We are reluctant to even put ourselves in this situation is nervous about how will go Broder is a performance you know you've got a key conversation going. I'm at an army that says that reluctance comes much from our. Distinctive involved. You're a failure. And social. Well I hope my amp performance went OK and my first impression. Was it's it's pretty much suitably the same and very much appreciate your input because some my first impression of the book what to do when you're new as pretty good. Bought my first impression that you have been wonderful book. Really honored and these have the opportunity. Wilbur about are you absolutely appreciate that Keith thank you very much. Thank you very much can and is author Keith role logged his book what to do when your new.

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