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Assessing the Market Mayhe Tony Ogorek

Aug 24, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's check the markets now the Russian Ruble plunged 2.3 percent to did hit a seven month low. A little further drop in oil prices the country's key export loyalists the backbone of the Russian economy or the fault of the Ruble policy sharp decline in the price of cruel. My crude. Prices. Of stocks were down today in Asia but also across Europe let's talk about it whether or next I guess to Leo gore with a gore. Wealth management has offices in the town of Amherst hey Tony good morning long time no talk how are you. I'm doing great chat how much yourself. Okay we're doing fine except oil lost people worry that don't know which way to turn. Is this something that American investors should just waited out I'm not talking about the big institutional guys. I'm talking about the average you know you and me. Right well I think the average person has to look at the market is something. They can either use them or that they use and anytime you're getting pretty severe price drops you know as we're seeing now. I think it makes sense to. State. To look picture. Our portfolio from a distance residency unity ticket and it certainly do not want to try to. I'm it because you have no idea what think they're going to bounce their. And you know what we're doing is creating some real Ali market. A lot of action being taken out that he's out on your twenty I suspect they're quality companies. And you know there will come attack wet and now you are going to cost and bargain. And it's time to step up get some courage and depth begin accumulating. Tony what kind of a day do you think brand for. While futures telescope probably off a couple of percent at this point and you know the markets are correcting because they're down about 10%. Interest in really got a few. Different things going they're bitter major issues. First one is the generator is thinking increasing interest rates are am and nine years. Because security I'm strong enough to do and it when you look at via the market dislocations right now. I'd doesn't seem like they're in Erie race. And it's hamburger at bat for. When he should change. On second in China you're seeing the central government you know they they do Central Bank here and the just that they try to create it started to crack at this. And they are one of the biggest commodity futures in the world church. Acrid irbil and cheers and that nature. And I think what the commodities. Going down this is much the RLR. Including. Oil you know it got about thirty bucks a barrel now. Is it your economies slowing rather dramatically. And that is gonna create you know problems throughout the world. United States. That I want whipsaw I mean our companies are global. And you know the world is actually well on how the US markets are on shield. We're talking with Antonio gore with a gore wealth management has offices in the town of members Tony. We know the markets well as you say eventually bounced back. Rebound but with that said you know a lot of a lot of investors. You know the average American is wondering you know should. I'd use this opportunity where prices so low to buy some stocks now what are you going to tell people who call your office today and and say just that. Well you know nobody knows where the bottom. You know you don't know what it is until things began to mop and again it he had. You know pretty decent shacks like as. It takes a while you know to determine whether there are some degree. Of stability. Now there are you on metrics that we look at you know which can tell us debt market share over Delhi are undervalued. And what I can tell you lose that in a over a much longer than you think. And it is in case under. Our price equal at this point is bit. What you butcher our own together. You interracial. What you wanted it do and just because America is pitching you know Mack great price is cheap today. Doesn't mean that you necessarily need change. He only exception. Is that someone needs money and it is in the market. In the first place that my patience never been on the market I'm but if you are going to need money short term I you need to be a closer look. Well I can say is that as. Around the world. You know prices are drafting marching and then US. And you know made it the the national. Cover their bets so what they do think though the assets have been armed Basque. We should be in the US and that's one of the reasons that the US market sinking so. You know bottom line for investors who are calling. This is the price she had to pay short term about crashing yet hey. Our long term returns and can be anxious. It is going to be bad most of Jurassic. So just understand this as part of the game. Most people know they signed up for an unpleasant. When he cultural. The bottom line is I'm. Even after the market actually into 2008. Market came back over four years which nobody. You know genetic freak out. Tony always great to chat with the we always learn a lot thank you. Shoot great get you to our guest Tony or gore group or Goran wealth management and hammers.

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