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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Shakespeare Turns 40 (At Delaware Park) - Lisa Ludwig

Shakespeare Turns 40 (At Delaware Park) - Lisa Ludwig

Jun 18, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We need a little bit of a diversion from all this tragic news this morning and Lisa let wade is joining us than managing director of Shakespeare in Delaware park Shakespeare in the park. Is celebrating its fortieth season Lisa. Yes can you imagine it's hard to believe. It freaknik they're right here and work in the north where we're still one of the largest free outdoor Shakespeare thought the old in the country at the tribunal. If you've been involved this is all Internet here you know over the last what I'd hear this that is managing director of protect you're. Are at the opening. The play is Romeo and Juliette. Yes we opened the night with Romeo and Juliet which we kept our. If they have the perfect way to open the fortieth season everybody read it in school it's one of a Shakespeare's most a lot of plays and by our second of the season this year it's twelfth night which actually is an all male cast. Just that they didn't think there's I mean in our boarding years we have never at all they'll count on our. If Shakespeare sometimes difficult to understand here is why I'm asking about would tell my kids. We're gonna Sunnis Shakespeare in the park tonight so that's set to go and they would tell me you're going to kill. They want and people love tell you why people think. Actually experience daunting because when you're born to read it high school but the thing about six there isn't meant to be seen and heard not wet. What makes it's so much more understandable again chicks who wrote that it can't what writing it for people to read it. It was the fear and the other agreement so special about experience Delaware park if you pack a picnic you bring your family bring here plant. You're sitting in a beautiful homes that park under the stars and the it's like he knows theatrical experience he'll have there's more to it than just trying to understand Shakespeare and I dobbins adapter to make sure that you understand what was. Sure what time are the performances. A performance with 730 we've performed Tuesday and Sunday the only night where all is Monday. And we can draw people come down to. We get out about like they didn't Shakespeare's time. But at the goodwill donation and and we hope people will come down and part taken out pretty decent we'll have those are the rains. Well it's not going to Iran. But it does we thought out well until the last minute we we have not tried and true patriot and a little bit I don't know rated that we tell them to go on so. Generally the justice wrinkle we hold out for a few minutes and that we keep going so hopefully it's gonna be a beautiful white people can follow up front page book. In case we ever had eight cancellation because we'll announce it right there. Okay and Lisa and we've got an announcement coming up today. Now you probably can't tell us too much but what what can you say about it. Well we're holding a press conference this afternoon but it about the future in six and Delaware park and got. We're going into our capital campaign. Offering new stage for next season. And that's excited. Our goalie waiting to hear what the news's. Great well thanks so much we look everybody its extent Delaware park. That's great Lisa love wade is the managing director of Shakespeare in Delaware park which is. Opening tonight its fortieth season.

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